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CTA to increase rail station "deep cleans" this summer

The CTA this summer will step up cleaning by giving three rail stations a day a “deep clean,” CTA President Richard Rodriguez noted earlier this month. “Deep cleaning focuses on power washing, stainless steel polishing and making sure the small details are addressed. Rodriguez said at the June board meeting. “This is a strategic shift... Read more »

Keeping the heat in while standing at the station

“We’ll be opening the doors and then closing them to keep the heat in.” I heard that from a motorman for the second time today, when I really don’t ever recall hearing that in my many years of commuting. Are they just more caring these days or was that a CTA directive? I mean, it... Read more »

Cecil tackles the El line colors on Straight Dope

Why is the Red Line red and the Brown Line brown? It’s all very complicated, actually, at least in the sense that there was no good reason for the colors at first. In some cases, train lines got their color name based on what color they were given on early CTA maps. But I will... Read more »