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Good lessons here: How CTA theft victim got thugs arrested

A woman’s iPhone is stolen from her at gunpoint on a platform at the Red Line. The two teenaged thugs make a getaway on the next train out. Ho hum. Another CTA robbery. But no, this was much different. The alleged perpetrators were caught and arrested, because the victim did all the right things.  And... Read more »

CTA on Paper: An "early rejecter" vs. techno slave

"Where technology takes over your physical and mental processes so you can be more effectively controlled by corporate interests."
Our series CTA on Paper continues with two new drawings by artist Susan Wise. The first depicts a rare find: a high school student she saw on the Red Line who was holding something other than a smartphone! This teen resonated with her because Susan was like this at her age — always drawing something.... Read more »

Murder puts CTA iPhone thefts on Page 1

Unfortunately, it took the tragic murder of an innocent 68-year-old woman for the city’s major media outlets to focus any attention on the big smartphone theft problem on the CTA. I’ve been writing about the big jump in thefts on the CTA for a year. I’ve been telling folks for a year about what they... Read more »

Here's how not to be a CTA theft victim

Here's how not to be a CTA theft victim
Cheryl shares this all-too-common story: We’re on the northbound Brown Line, pulling into Sedgwick about at 6:20 pm on Thursday. Two women were standing in front of the doors, one had her iPhone in her hand but she was talking to the other woman. Just as the doors open, a man runs through the door... Read more »

CTA year in review - Q2: New rail cars, "train tracker," subway fire, CTA thefts

My CTA year in review continues with a look at what happened in April, May and June of 2010.April: This was a month of new technology introduced on the Chicago Transit Authority. Early in April the CTA rolled out “Train Tracker” at Brown Line stations. It still hasn’t worked out all the kinks and made... Read more »

Thefts on CTA continue big jump over last year

Just halfway through 2010, thefts on the CTA in Chicago have jumped 33%, compared to the first six months of last year. And thefts on CTA trains and buses soared by almost 41% in that same period — with 439 thefts last year compared to 617 this year, according to Chicago Police Dept. stats compiled... Read more »

Troubling trend? Thefts on CTA soar in first three months of 2010

A huge surge in thefts on the CTA in the first quarter of the year is driving an overall increase — almost 6% — in CTA crimes reported to Chicago police this year compared to last year, according to a CTA Tattler analysis. There was a 37% jump in thefts this year, from 297 in... Read more »