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Why you should not attempt to board while doors are closing

Why you should not attempt to board while doors are closing
After a “stroller mom” shoved her stroller-bound baby into closing train doors, and the train took off with the baby and stroller, the CTA began requiring rail operators to make the additional announcement: “Please do no attempt to board, doors are closing.” But today I learned the announcement was not just to keep babies from... Read more »

"Stroller mom" sues CTA for $100,000

A Rogers Park woman is suing the CTA for $100,000 in damages for the stroller incident at the Morse Red Line station last November. In that incident, she claims the stroller in which her 22-month-old daughter was seated was trapped in closing rail car doors, dragged to the edge of the platform, finally depositing her... Read more »

WTF? "Do not attempt to board this train. . ."

The announcements by rail operators about minding the closing doors are getting sloppier and sloppier. Earlier this week I heard the operator make this announcement just after he had opened the doors: “Do not attempt to board this train – doors are closing.” Now, if you were an out-of-town visitor or infrequent rider, you might... Read more »

80-year-old knows what's what on the stroller bus scene

My wife hates strollers — the really large ones where people think it’s part of their entitlement to bring them on buses and trains and block aisles. The #80 Irving Park came by to pick up my wife from work. Of course, she’s disappointed that it’s not the #80X, but she’s learning to live with... Read more »

Rail operators now required to make extra "doors closing" announcement

Though we suspected it, we’ve now confirmed it: The CTA is requiring its motormen to issue an additional manual announcement before closing the train doors. Since Dec. 31, all rail operators have been instructed to make the following announcement over the public address system, said a CTA spokesperson: “Attention customers: Please do not attempt to... Read more »

CTA stroller accident: The plot thickens as mom's story gains legs

Chicago Police now say that “stroller mom’s” story is holding up, based on the bits of paint found on the stroller — they match paint from the barricade the mom said it hit. So, I guess this news makes the mom’s story more believable — despite the fact that more than 50% of CTA Tattler... Read more »

What's your opinion on what happened in the stroller accident?

There’s a lot of chatter and opinions in the blogosphere about what really happened in Monday’s CTA accident where a young mother said she shoved a stroller into a train car door, the door closed, the train started moving, taking with it her 22-month-old daughter who was not strapped into the stroller. The stroller hit... Read more »

Stroller accident continues to baffle CTA, police

The case of the stuck stroller and catapulting toddler still has the CTA and Chicago police scratching their heads, wondering how it could have happened. The CTA reports that the doors were functioning properly, and that the train’s motorwoman followed procedures of making sure the doors were closed before proceeding out of the Morse station.... Read more »