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Transit projects create twice as many jobs as building highways -- study

A new report on federal stimulus spending shows that money invested in public transportation projects created twice as many jobs as highway projects. The report by the Public Interest Research Group, in conjunction with the Center for Neighborhood Technology and Smart Growth America, states that every billion dollars spent from the American Recovery and Reinvestment... Read more »

Strange smells from passenger prompt CTA driver complaint

Here are some CTA news bits from the last week or so. Case of the stinky CD and nonresponsive driver. A strange story surfaced over the weekend about a woman on a bus who says a street vendor shoved a strange-smelling CD under her nose, causing her to become woozy. When she complained to the... Read more »

Blue Line slow zones fixed!

Ha ha! Just kidding! I’ve been writing on Fridays about Blue Line service suspensions for much of the year, so I just wanted to make sure you were still really reading this. So yes, the Blue Line will be shut from Clark/Lake till UIC/Halsted. Shuttle buses will operate from station to station. And as the... Read more »

Revenue and ridership down; details on how stimulus funds were spent

Here are some news items gleaned from reports presented at last week’s CTA board meeting. Revenue down, but so are expenses. Total revenue through July was about $860,000 lower than budgeted. But the good news is that expenses are about $1.5 million less than budgeted. Source. Ridership down for year. CTA ridership systemwide through August... Read more »