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Commute responsibly for St. Pat's parties via Miller Lite shuttle

If you’re partying for St. Patrick’s Day this weekend or next Thursday, leave the car at home and take the CTA. Or avail yourself of free shuttle rides sponsored but Miller Lite the free shuttle will operate from 10 am till 6 pm on Saturday for the parade, and on from 2 till 10 pm... Read more »

St. Patrick's Day CTA antics -- a runup to baseball badness?

I’m really not anti-St. Patrick’s Day. Really, despite what you may have read here. In fact I’m 100% Irish-American, a direct descendant of four grandparents whose families all were natives of Ireland. I have marched in St Paddy’s Day parades as a kid, I’ve been known to drink Jameson on and around March 17 (though... Read more »

St. Paddy partiers called out by driver on the #80 bus

The #80 crawled down Irving Park late on Saturday afternoon. Passengers ebbed and flowed on and off, the bus alternately crowding and spewing riders. Saturday there was a fairly large contingent of St. Paddy’s Day revelers, conspicuous in their green beads, sweaters and other accessories. As usual a knot of people crowded around the rear... Read more »