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CTA moves step closer to credit/debit card use as smart card for fares

Someday soon you’ll be able to use you debit or credit card to pay CTA fares instead of the CTA-issued smart card – the Chicago Card or Chicago Card Plus. The CTA yesterday formally issued a Request for Proposal on the design, implementation, and operation of its so-called open fare collection system. (CTA Tattler wrote... Read more »

How to make your CTA smart card last at least four years

I asked for your tips on how you keep your Chicago Card or Chicago Card Plus working for the full four years before it expires. And you responded big time with great ideas. The common thread is keeping the card in some kind of protective case. Also, check out this post from a year ago:... Read more »

CTA takes another step forward to "open fare system" with smart debit, credit cards

The CTA will cut costs and generate more revenue by switching to fare collection via “smart” debit and credit, a CTA officials told Chicago aldermen this week. “If we’re able to implement something like that, we can bundle everything together — your parking, your CTA riding,” said Eva-Dina Delgado, the CTA’s chief development officer. “If... Read more »

CTA to dump fare cards, move to credit cards, other fare modes

So long CTA-issued transit and smart cards. Hello contact-less credit cards, debit cards and prepaid cards for fare payments. Starting this month the CTA will look at all the options to put itself out of the business of providing fare payment cards. That includes “considering possible procedures, management and cost of the program,” according to... Read more »