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Anti-harassment ad campaign on CTA hits roadblock, stalls

More than a dozen girls and young women from the Courage Campaign asked the the CTA board last week for its help in fighting sexual harassment on trains and buses via awareness ads. And while some board members were encouraging, the ad campaign was not given the green light by the transit agency. It turns... Read more »

Security upgrades don't change how we feel about CTA crime: Tattler safety poll

A CTA Tattler quick poll shows that the recent safety upgrades by the transit agency haven’t really made much difference in how safe we feel compared to three years ago. A full 55 percent of the 630-plus readers who took the poll said they feel about the same as they did three years – that... Read more »

What we know now about CTA Blue Line O'Hare derailment

Lots has happened since I last reported on the O’Hare Blue Line derailment. Here’s a synopsis of what we know: The 25-year-old motorwoman, Brittany T. Haywood, has been fired. She ignored two requests to appear at a disciplinary hearing. The NTSB has said she was traveling at 26-miles-per-hour when when woke up from having nodded... Read more »

Video shows Blue Line O'Hare escalator crash; motorwoman nodded off previously

In case you haven’t seen it yet, check out the horrific surveillance video of the CTA Blue Line train as it barrels into the station, hits the bumper stop, and seems to be catapulted up the escalator. Meanwhile, the NTSB interviewed the train’s motorwoman today. She was very forthcoming, and admitted that recently she overshot... Read more »

It's way safer on the CTA than in your car

Despite two Blue Line accidents in six months that injured more than 60 people, you’re still much safer commuting on the CTA than via automobile. And Chicago Magazine has crunched the numbers to prove it. According to a Chicago article by Whet Moser, there were 47 injuries per 100 million passenger miles on the CTA... Read more »

Tips to prevent CTA phone thefts

CTA Tattler reader Celeste remind riders to be watchful and smart about smartphones. Here is her story: I thought I would send you a tip (and get an upsetting experience off my chest!). I was coming up the side staircase to the Ashland Green line stop, when I noticed a teenage boy coming up fast... Read more »

Unmanned Blue Line train crashing caps horrible publicity month for CTA

You might think it couldn’t get any worse for the CTA. September started with confusion over buying Ventra cards online, and ended with the crash of an unmanned Blue Line train into another with passengers sitting at the Harlem station on the Forest Park branch. At least 33 people were taken to hospitals. Here’s hoping... Read more »

Poll: Should CTA riders be allowed to carry gun onboard?

A top NRA lobbyist says all mass transit riders should be able to carry guns on to trains and buses, according to a Sun-Times report: The question surfaced during a hearing Tuesday aimed at meeting a federal court demand to draw up legislation permitting Illinoisans to carry concealed weapons. A top NRA lobbyist said he... Read more »

News pickup: CTA to install cameras on old rail cars; Red Line thugs rob riders of phones

Here are some CTA news items from the last few days: CTA to install cameras on old rail cars. The CTA will install four video cameras on 850 older model rail cars by September, according to a Tribune report. The $14 million project funding through a federal Homeland Security grant comes on top of the... Read more »

Hear the CTA Tattler on WGN Radio Thursday chat about when "stuff happens"

Your very own CTA Tattler will talk about the CTA’s “when things go wrong” campaign at 11:35 p.m. tonight (Thursday, Jan. 24) on the Turi Ryder Show on WGN radio – 720 on your AM dial. We’ll be chatting about my Wednesday post, in which I described the CTA’s efforts to explain why “stuff happens”... Read more »