Tag: just a little odd

A CTA romantic tableau: Chocolate and condom

Seen on the northbound Red Line – Turtles chocolate and a used condom. (Hat tip to Tovi)

Don't give up on lost wallets, and always wear shoes on CTA

I had two unrelated “safety-related” experiences on my Red Line commute the other day. Both hold lessons to be learned.Report lost wallets First, when I reached the platform to await my 6:30 am train, I noticed a black wallet sitting conspicuously on a bench. I picked it up, and noticed that it had apparently been... Read more »

Upside down view of the Internet

Sight seen on the CTA #205 Chicago/Golf bus: Guy viewing his laptop with the monitor portion on his lap, as he surfed with keyboard against his chest. Yes, just a little odd.

Green Snuggie makes a fine fashion statement for CTA commute

The whole Red Line train car did a double take on a sleepy Thursday morning when the very large lady boarded at Thorndale. She was wrapped tight in her huge green Snuggie. She wore it over her heavy, hooded winter overcoat. She took her seat right next to me and pulled out her book, “Partners... Read more »