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CTA cameras paying off: Arrest comes two months after iPod theft

Kenneth Parron was charged with two counts of theft in an iPod snatching on the Red Line.
An 18-year-old South Side man was arrested Sunday after a CTA employee recognized him from a surveillance photo two months after the incident, the Tribune reports. From that report: The man reported a group of four or five men took his iPod on June 9 while he was on the Red Line near the Clark/Division... Read more »

Beware of jewelry snatching on CTA

I have warned y’all about the danger of phone and iPod thefts for those unaware riders sitting near the door of a rail car or bus. Now Freida cautions us about jewelry thieves: Earlier this week at 7:26 am on the Blue Line going downtown, a guy at Racine jumps into the train and literally... Read more »

Thefts on CTA continue big jump over last year

Just halfway through 2010, thefts on the CTA in Chicago have jumped 33%, compared to the first six months of last year. And thefts on CTA trains and buses soared by almost 41% in that same period — with 439 thefts last year compared to 617 this year, according to Chicago Police Dept. stats compiled... Read more »

Troubling trend? Thefts on CTA soar in first three months of 2010

A huge surge in thefts on the CTA in the first quarter of the year is driving an overall increase — almost 6% — in CTA crimes reported to Chicago police this year compared to last year, according to a CTA Tattler analysis. There was a 37% jump in thefts this year, from 297 in... Read more »