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Here's a breakdown of your ideas on how to improve the CTA

About two weeks ago I asked: “What would you do to improve the CTA?“ You responded big-time with well over 100 ideas, comments and observations. Now we want to give you a detailed report summarizing these ideas for improvements. In this case, “we” really means Tattler reader Ed Flam, who took the time last week... Read more »

Tattler readers share a wealth of ideas to improve the CTA

First, many thanks to all who have made some thoughtful suggestions on ways to improve the CTA. So far there are well over 100 comments, and probably 200 ideas or more, since many folks had more than one idea. CTA management definitely reads this blog, and I intend to ask them about some of the... Read more »

What would you do to improve the CTA?

This morning’s  Redeye asks the provocative question: What would you do to improve the CTA? Ah, so many ideas, so little time. Three quick thoughts from me, and then it’s your turn. Install Train Tracker, modeled after the successful Bus Tracker. And fix/finish the pilot project to put digital screens at stations flashing times for... Read more »