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Grand/State construction winds down, giving boarding passengers room to breathe

The mezzanine boarding and fare-paying area is substantially at the new Grand Red Line station. (CTA Tattler photo)
The rehab of the Grand/State Red Line station on the CTA is nearing completion. A substantially larger mezzanine boarding area opened about two weeks ago. Previously crowds trying to purchase fare cards blocked the entrance to the four or five turnstiles. Now, the number of fare vending machines has doubled, with lots of breathing room... Read more »

CTA excels in micro-communication at Grand-State on Red Line

Not to mention a bicycle.
I wrote Thursday about the poor communication with passengers during Tuesday’s “misrailment.” (Thank you for coining the term, TR.) On the other side of the equation, today I report on some excellent micro-communication in one lonely sign leading to an exit-only turnstile at the Grand-State station on the Red Line.  The sign was installed about... Read more »

The "energized" rehab of Grand-State CTA Red Line station

Be careful of getting too energized on the platform level at Grand and State on the Red Line, which is undergoing a two-year-plus renovation of the mezzanine and platform. Here’s the close-up view of the door sign I found there: And the full view of the door: OK, who can tell us what this sign... Read more »

Work on Grand-State Red Line station rehab to shift soon to northwest corner

Stage 2 of Station and platform rehab work is nearing completion at the CTA’s Grand-State Red Line station. After Labor Day work will shift to the northeast side of the mezzanine area, according to Brian Steele, a spokesperson for the city’s Dept. of Transportation. “That transition will take about a month to complete,” said Steele.... Read more »

Weekend news pickup: CTA Wilson construction to close businesses; Grand Ave. "prison" stairs; free rides remain

Here are a few CTA news stories and transit notes I didn’t have a chance to report earlier. Wilson construction to close four businesses: Four stores under the Red Line’s Wilson station will be forced to close when the CTA begins a $3 million station renovation project later this year, reports. The businesses were... Read more »

Weekend news pickup: CTA union grievances; aborted "escape" on #22 Clark

I was out of town Thursday through this past weekend, visiting friends in New Hampshire. If you think we’ve got it bad with service cuts, try living without power in your home for a few days, as at least a third of the people in the Granite State had to do after Thursday night’s tornado-force... Read more »

News pickup: Fullerton station house to open; T-Mobile next up for subway use

Here are some CTA news items from the last few days and weeks that you should know about: Fullerton station house to open Saturday. The newly rehabbed station will open officially on Saturday, Sept. 12. It is 75 feet west of the current temporary entrance. The Belmont station house opened two weeks ago. That station... Read more »

Construction update: New subway entrances for Grand Red Line

As the Grand Red Line construction project enters Stage 2, riders will enter and exit at one new corner, as another is shuttered. But for the busy July 3-5 holiday weekend, three of the four entrances will serve the madding crowd. However, don’t get too used to three of the four entrances being open for... Read more »

Stage 2 of Grand Red Line construction: new staircases to open

Stage 1 of the reconstruction of the Gand/State Red Line station has been tough sledding for CDOT. I purposely use “sledding” because weather certainly has had a deleterious impact on the progress. Here’s how CDOT spokesperson Brian Steele sums up Stage 1: “The first phase has continued about five months longer than anticipated.  However, since we still... Read more »