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Catching up with CTA news: Jury award in Blue Line derailment; mobile garden gets green light

I can’t believe how far behind I’ve gotten with CTA news other than service cuts. I found these story ideas squirreled away in my “future posts” folder. Except they are all old news, though certainly still relevant. So I still wanted you to know about them in case you hadn’t heard. Victim in 2006 Blue... Read more »

Red Line subway derailment injures two; service restored

Overnight Red Line subway service was interrupted after a train derailed at the Roosevelt station, injuring two people. The incident happened at around 1:15 am during one-track service in the subway for track maintenance. Service was restored by 6 am, with little impact on this morning’s rush hour. Two of the 20 passengers on board... Read more »

Human warmer or pizza warmer? And, Green Line derailment workers fired

A Facebook friend posted this as her update on Tuesday: I saw a man standing on the hand rails in the “warming booth” at the Belmont station this morning. His head and hands up were up in the heat lamps. As I was wondering why they even put hand rails in those booths, he bounced... Read more »

Green Line derailed at same spot 19 months ago

Saturday’s Green Line derailment occurred at the same spot as a previous derailment in May 2008 — at a curve around 59th Street and Calumet Avenue. Fourteen passengers were hospitalized with “very, very minor” injuries. Firefighters helped another 34 passengers out of the train and to the ground below. That must be very scary, descending... Read more »