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Eight years is a long time to wait for CTA Red Line

On Tuesday night at the Addison CTA station, the wait times for the next Red Line trains were about 8.5 years. Well, the “next train arrival” sign actually shows the date to be Jan. 1, but photographer Jonathan Rivera says he took this photo Tuesday night. And 4,504,143 minutes is just over 8.5 years. The... Read more »

How my Fitbit has changed my CTA habits

My Fitbit knows that I have been a member since Nov. 4, 2011. It knows that I have taken  17,400,869 steps since then, or just over 11,000 steps a day – and walked 8,568 miles total. What it doesn’t know is my daily machinations to try to take some extra steps. And that includes changing... Read more »

NO MO CTA: License plate tells story of freedom from buses and trains

From the Sun-Times comes this funny story about a former CTA rider who finally was able to ditch buses and trains, and brag about it on his license plate: He was even offered $10,000 by a retired CTA bus driver, but turned him down. Now that’s a guy who’s really happy not to be taking... Read more »

CTA notes good progress made on accessibility; still more work to do

The CTA celebrates the 25th anniversary of the Americans With Disabilities Act this week by noting the strides it has made in making public transit accessible. But there is more work to do. The act was signed into law on July 26, 1990, by President George H.W. Bush, ensuring the civil rights of people with disabilities. The legislation... Read more »

Anti-harassment ad campaign on CTA hits roadblock, stalls

More than a dozen girls and young women from the Courage Campaign asked the the CTA board last week for its help in fighting sexual harassment on trains and buses via awareness ads. And while some board members were encouraging, the ad campaign was not given the green light by the transit agency. It turns... Read more »

Best CTA Tattler photos you might have missed on Instagram

If you need to iron your pants while waiting for a bus at Lunt and Sheridan, you're in luck!
You might have noticed that at the bottom of every post I encourage you to follow me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. But hey, I know not all of you participate in all those social media platforms. Not to worry. In this photo gallery I present the best CTA photos I’ve posted on Instagram. If... Read more »

10 DC Metro passengers watch rider get stabbed to death; what would you do?

A 25-year-old man was robbed, beaten, kicked and stabbed to death 30 or 40 times by a teenager, as about 10 passengers on the Washington, D.C., Metro train watched in terror and horror. After the 18-year-old finished stomping and stabbing the life out of Kevin Joseph Sutherland, he began demanding money and wallets from some... Read more »

Purple Line Express track work to eliminate slow zones on north end

The CTA is trying to put the “Express” back into the Purple Line Express with a $30 million track project that will start and finish by year’s end. The project will fix aging track infrastructure, including replacing track ties and the restoration of track alignment from Lawrence to Jarvis on both Howard-bound and Loop-bound tracks. Currently there are... Read more »

RTA wins award for humorous "Ride On" campaign

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Congrats to the marketing folks at the Regional Transportation Authority for snaring a silver award at the 36th Annual Telly Awards in the category for Local TV and Cable commercials, Public Service subcategory. The Ride On campaign was chosen from nearly 12,000 entries from all 50 states and numerous countries. The RTA in conjunction with... Read more »

CTA prez got a honey of a pension deal: Sun-Times report

CTA President Dorval Carter gave up a $137,000 pension earned at the CTA through 2009 to return and run the place, according to an exclusive Sun-Times report. And he earned just over $750,000 in total pension payouts from November 2009 till April of this year. He returned to the CTA in May at a salary... Read more »