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10 DC Metro passengers watch rider get stabbed to death; what would you do?

A 25-year-old man was robbed, beaten, kicked and stabbed to death 30 or 40 times by a teenager, as about 10 passengers on the Washington, D.C., Metro train watched in terror and horror. After the 18-year-old finished stomping and stabbing the life out of Kevin Joseph Sutherland, he began demanding money and wallets from some... Read more »

London transit urges women to report harassment to police; how about it, CTA?

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A new London campaign is encouraging women to report sexual harassment on the London tube via text message or phone. An effective and somewhat graphic YouTube video shows a woman being constantly harassed by the same man, including fondling and grinding. The campaign by Transport for London urges the simple message: Report it stop it.... Read more »

Online petition launched as latest salvo in CTA "stroller wars"

Moms and dads pushing strollers onto CTA buses have launched another salvo in the CTA “stroller wars” – an online petition that seeks approval for strollers to be parked by seats marked for wheelchairs on buses and trains. The petition specifically asks that: Young children are allowed to remain in strollers for the duration of... Read more »

Major crimes down 26% on CTA in 2014

The recent proliferation of more than 23,000 surveillance cameras on CTA trains and buses is just one reason why serious crime is down 26 percent, according to Mayor Rahm Emanuel. The new Series 5000 rail cars have seven cameras in every car, and the rest of the fleet of older cars has been retrofitted with... Read more »

Poll: How do you feel about cops searching CTA riders for bombs in bags?

Chicago police plan to begin randomly testing bags of CTA rail riders for explosives starting Nov. 3. Up to six Chicago police officers will set up outside the turnstiles at select Chicago rail stations – usually downtown – and ask riders to submit to a screening. Police will swab the exterior of the bag with... Read more »

Crime on the CTA: Evanston robbery; groping on Red Line

Here’s the first of an occasional post about recent crimes on the late Augusting to the Sun-Times Robbery at Evanston bus stop: “Someone took a victim’s wallet from his hand, removed the money, and threw the wallet on the ground at a bus stop at the Davis Street CTA station in the 1600 block... Read more »

Cops hunt for suspect in CTA Red Line groping case

Chicago police on Wednesday issued a community alert with the photo of a man suspected of groping a woman on a crowded CTA Red Line train early this morning. The man is described as  a white male, between 5 feet 10 inches and 6 feet tall, with possible blonde/light brown hair. Police released these CTA surveillance... Read more »

Quick poll: Do you feel safe on the CTA?

The CTA today released crime stats that showed big drops in most categories of transit crime in the first half of this compared to the same period in 2013. Robberies were down 35 percent, and thefts dropped 18 percent. But do you feel safe on the CTA? Take the quick poll below and let us... Read more »

News pickup: Orange Line robbers charged; CTA, unions unite on "Build Chicago" initiative

Two men suspected of armed robbery on an Orange Line train last week have been charged in the case after their surveillance photos were blasted across the Internet. Police charged Michael Taylor with four counts of armed robbery and two counts of aggravated assault with a firearm. The other alleged robber was not named, but... Read more »

It must be "Bring Your Gun Week" on the CTA

I must have missed the memo. Apparently it’s “Bring Your Gun Week” on the CTA. At least that’s what you might think in hearing about two gun incidents on CTA buses in the last two days. First there were the passengers last week who got into a fight on a bus. A video shows the bus driver... Read more »