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Just how often does the CTA prez use public transit?

Yesterday I wrote that I am fine with CTA President Richard Rodriguez choosing to spend time with his family over using the CTA for his daily commute. Rodriguez has five children under the age of 12. He works long hours. He has decided that he can spend some quality time with his oldest children in... Read more »

CTA Prez Rodriguez values family time over a CTA commute -- as he should

The Sun-Times reported Monday that CTA President Richard Rodriguez was yanking the “company cars” that 68 employees could enjoy at home and at work. Rodriguez himself and 37 other top managers making six figures will lose the perk — or pay about $200 a month plus gas to lease it from the city. Good for... Read more »

Daley's charge to Rodriguez: Improve CTA safety

When Mayor Richard Daley first tabbed Richard Rodriguez to be the new CTA president in February, he asked him to focus on improving safety on the nation’s second largest transit system, Rodriguez said in an interview with CTA Tattler last week. After a full three months on the job, results have been mixed. A look... Read more »

What would you ask CTA President Rodriguez?

Next week I will have my first interview with new CTA President Richard Rodriguez. And as I’ve done in the past, I’m collecting questions from CTA Tattler readers to ask Rodriguez and his staff. So post them here in comments. While I probably won’t get them all asked and answered in the short 45 minutes... Read more »