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How the CTA will earn $500K in fees from Ventra deal

When CTA President Forrest Claypool told a Chicago Tonight audience that the CTA would earn $500,000 in fees from the Ventra card, he made it sound like the bulk of that money would come from fees charged for use of the debit card. Not so, says a CTA spokesperson. He contacted me last week to... Read more »

CTA cuts late-night service on #151 Sheridan bus

Another bus bites the dust – well, at least overnight service will stop March 31 on the popular #151 Sheridan. Starting on Sunday, the last northbound overnight trip will leave Union Station at 1:25 a.m. on weekdays and Saturdays, and 1 a.m. on Sundays and holidays. The first southbound trip will leave Clark/Devon at 4... Read more »

Lack of transparency on fees hurts CTA on Ventra deal

The CTA just keeps shooting itself in the foot on the whole Ventra deal. First, we learned that there will be a 50-cent fee for a one-time use fare card on CTA trains when Ventra is rolled out. Then we find out about a slew of fees to be charged for those who decide to... Read more »

Analysis of whether you should buy CTA pass or pay per ride

Following is a repost from last month. This is an analysis of whether you should buy a pass, or just use a CTA transit card and pay per ride. For this analysis, we’ll assume that each month contains 21 work days on average. Bus only, no transfer. The cash fare stays the same at $94.50. That’s... Read more »

Prices for all CTA passes go up Monday

At this writing you have about 12 hours to buy CTA passes at a lower cost before increases go into effect Monday. That is if you can find them. I’ve seen signs at pharmacies and grocery stores saying passed were no longer available. First, let’s recap the proposed increases in rates for passes, and other... Read more »

Could be worse: In New York, both base fare AND passes to increase

While Chicagoans riding the CTA on passes will dig deeper in their pockets next month, New York City riders face an increase in both base fare AND pass prices. The base fare in New York will go up 25 cents to $2.50. The cost of a 30-day pass will increase by $8 to $112. A... Read more »

CTA puts O'Hare fare increase on hold for some riders, OKs pass increases

The CTA board today decided to wait at least six months before charging a $5 fare for some worker/riders from the O’Hare Blue Line stop. They hope to come up with a way to exempt airport workers from paying 120% more than they do now. According to a CTA news release, “the Board agreed that... Read more »

There could be fireworks Monday night at first of two CTA budget hearings

CTA riders will get their say on the 2013 budget at a public hearing starting at 6 p.m. Monday at CTA headquarters, 567 W. Lake St. But riders won’t just be giving board members an earful about the proposed increases in all passes. Word is that riders of the #11 Lincoln bus will make a... Read more »

News pickup: Rahm stands by "let them drive" comments; CTA retirement plan underfunded

Here’s a quick roundup of recent CTA news items. Mayor Emanuel won’t back down from fare increase comments. Two days after Chicago’s mayor made some controversial comments about the hike in CTA passes and how passengers can “choose to drive,” Emanuel stood by his words. “What I said is, (it’s) a choice. People have a... Read more »

How CTA's Claypool solved absenteeism problems, saved big bucks

All it took for CTA President Forrest Claypool to start saving on absenteeism was to take a close look at the labor contract, and enforce it consistently. That’s what he told the Sun-Times editorial board last week: “We finally figured out that we were not consistently applying discipline … and we were losing grievance cases... Read more »