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Bus drivers with DUIs got CTA jobs back to lure union to negotiating table

A longtime CTA Tattler reader tipped me off to this Fox Chicago News story I  missed last week: Three CTA bus drivers fired after they were caught allegedly drinking and driving are now back behind the wheel, and the CTA appears to regret its decision. A Fox Chicago News/ Better Government Association investigation found the... Read more »

Weekend news pickup: CTA union grievances; aborted "escape" on #22 Clark

I was out of town Thursday through this past weekend, visiting friends in New Hampshire. If you think we’ve got it bad with service cuts, try living without power in your home for a few days, as at least a third of the people in the Granite State had to do after Thursday night’s tornado-force... Read more »

Protest rally set for Wednesday's CTA board meeting on "criminal and racist" budget

The CTA’s transit workers unions are planning a rally at the CTA’s West Loop headquarters from 10 am till noon during the agency’ Wednesday board meeting. The notice of the rally states: “On Nov. 12, the CTA Board passed a criminal and racist budget for next year that includes massive layoffs and services cuts. 2,000... Read more »

CTA bus drivers union weighs strike to protest layoffs

The CTA bus drivers union is considering a strike to protest planned layoffs of about 1,800 members of the Local 241 of the Amalgamated Transit Union, according to a CBS2 Chicago report. The union president, Darrell Jefferson, goes on to insist the CTA’s budget deficit is actually $500 million, not the $300 million cited by... Read more »