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Purple Line trains now appear on next-train signs at Belmont

Ask and ye shall receive? Earlier today I wrote about my friend who switched from the Metra to the CTA, and was thrilled to do so. She mentioned one thing she liked about the CTA is the next-train arrival signs at Belmont. But someone mentioned that the Purple Line trains didn’t show up on those... Read more »

Human warmer or pizza warmer? And, Green Line derailment workers fired

A Facebook friend posted this as her update on Tuesday: I saw a man standing on the hand rails in the “warming booth” at the Belmont station this morning. His head and hands up were up in the heat lamps. As I was wondering why they even put hand rails in those booths, he bounced... Read more »

Brown Line expansion finished -- on time and on budget!

We criticize the CTA plenty around here. So when they deserve praise, I don’t mind giving it to them. And I think they deserve a big round of applause for completing the Brown Line expansion project on time and on budget. This week the new elevators at Fullerton and Belmont opened, more or less officially... Read more »

New Belmont station main entrance opens Saturday

Yes folks, the years-long Brown Line rehab really is nearing an end. The rehabbed Belmont main station entrance is scheduled to open this Saturday. The new entrance is 60 feet west of the temporary entrance. We’ll check it out and let you know later how it looks. The old Belmont station house was moved across... Read more »