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9 most annoying things on CTA trains

Sometimes, our fellow CTA passengers are just plain annoying. Here’s what they do to bug us. Wide-spread legs man: He takes up almost two seats because he needs so much room to air out his junk. Just close your legs, man! Screaming cellers: It’s bad enough they are talking on their phones on the L.... Read more »

10 rules for tourists on how to use CTA Red Line to Cubs game

April 4: I publish 10 rules for tourists on how to use CTA Red Line to Cubs game. If you're going to a Cubs game, don't be this guy. No drinking on the train. It's very obnoxious, especially when you don't offer me any. (CTA Tattler photo)
Yes folks, it’s that time again. Opening Day at Wrigley Field. The crack of the bat. The sight of lush grass on the diamond. The smell of onions and beer. The drunk out-of-towner trying to stumble his way to Wrigley on the Red Line. For that last scenario, here are 10 tips to ease the... Read more »

CTA aisle roadblock ahead - please don't step on the baby

This is just wrong. And I don’t really blame the teen mom, who actually was already onboard the CTA Red Line train before the middle-aged guy got on and blocked the rest of the aisle with his rolling suitcase. Of course, the teen mom could have sat on the other side of the doorway, and... Read more »

Theory proved: Nothing good comes from those crossing between rail cars

As I’ve written before, only trouble walks between cars. This time, it happened to be one of the new Series 5000 prototype rail cars on a trial run on the Red Line. It was rush hour and the train was packed with people. A middle-aged guy came hustling through the door at the end of... Read more »

International language breakdown irritates Blue Line riders

My daughter shares this annoying Tattler Tale: I was riding the Blue Line during morning rush to school, which actually seems more crowded than Red Line lately — even worse This guy was on his speaker phone trying to use an international calling card. But because he was in the tunnel, he obviously wasn’t able... Read more »

Metra commute sounds alarmingly like some CTA rides

I don’t usually feature stories about Metra, but there’s always an exception. And this one continues the theme from last week: CTA looks great compared to some other city transit systems. (Photo from This story from Lisa about her commute to Joliet has many key elements that we’ve complained about with the CTA —... Read more »

Rules of the road for ballgame commuters -- and regular folks squeezing onto trains, buses

Today is Opening Day for the Cubs, marking the first pitch of at least six months of even more overcrowded trains during the 30 Cubs weeknight games and approximately 45 more White Sox weeknight games. That’s not to mention about 25 weekday games at Wrigley. You might ask why I didn’t make this post a... Read more »

Shaving passenger turns Red Line into a barbershop

CTA Tattler reader Mikey shares this video of a passenger blithely shaving on the Red Line. People, please finish your personal grooming — including makeup application and nail clipping — at home before boarding trains and buses.

Announcements that motorman can stop making, please

Red Line motorman Monday morning: “Attention customers. Please do not attempt to board, the doors are closing.” Now, I’ve never heard that announcement before from a motorman, and I suppose it seems perfectly reasonable to make sure riders don’t get stuck in the doors. But when the wind chill is hovering around zero, and people... Read more »

CTA Olympics ads on buses really annoy us

It’s a drowsy Monday morning on your bus commute to work. It’s no problem to tune out the canned announcements about the next bus stop and Bus Tracker. But you are rudely jarred back to full consciousness by the peppy announcements form the Chicago 2016 Olympics Committee. Since they began last week on buses only,... Read more »