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CTA shames discourteous riders with humorous campaign

Don't be a road block. Step off the train to let others exit.
We’ve written often about annoying behavior of CTA riders. Blocking the doors. Littering. Not giving your seat to expectant mothers. Playing loud music. Talking loudly on your phone. Putting your bag on the seat next to you. The CTA has gotten the message that we riders are very annoyed by these behaviors and has started... Read more »

Your No. 1 CTA annoyance: Standees who block doors

You have spoken. You told us that people who stand in the doorway of L cars and buses and block the doors annoy the hell out of you the most. Last week I asked you to take a quick poll about what annoys you most on the CTA. More than 350 of you took part... Read more »

Beggars, shell game, stinkers: An awful CTA Red Line trip

Last week I was making my way downtown on the Red Line, heading to a job interview. I was trying to get into a zone without much luck. First, there was the beggar who came from the other car. He was asking riders for a dime – 10 cents! I was thinking he should have... Read more »

CTA annoyances: Tell us the worst in quick poll

We all have our CTA pet peeves. What’s yours? Take this quick poll and let us know why in comments. poll by ————————– If you like this post, please like my Facebook page, and follow me on Twitter and Instagram. And, never miss a post! Subscribe now to receive CTA Tattler via email. Type your... Read more »

WBEZ tries to explain CTA bus bunching - a mysterious phenomenon

Since the first bus rolled down the streets of ancient Rome, transportation experts have struggled to explain the mysterious phenomenon called bus bunching. And now WBEZ Radio has taken a shot at it. Since WBEZ’s story was posted last week, a number of friends have emailed it or posted it on their Facebook wall. Here... Read more »

9 most annoying things on CTA trains

Sometimes, our fellow CTA passengers are just plain annoying. Here’s what they do to bug us. Wide-spread legs man: He takes up almost two seats because he needs so much room to air out his junk. Just close your legs, man! Screaming cellers: It’s bad enough they are talking on their phones on the L.... Read more »

10 rules for tourists on how to use CTA Red Line to Cubs game

April 4: I publish 10 rules for tourists on how to use CTA Red Line to Cubs game. If you're going to a Cubs game, don't be this guy. No drinking on the train. It's very obnoxious, especially when you don't offer me any. (CTA Tattler photo)
Yes folks, it’s that time again. Opening Day at Wrigley Field. The crack of the bat. The sight of lush grass on the diamond. The smell of onions and beer. The drunk out-of-towner trying to stumble his way to Wrigley on the Red Line. For that last scenario, here are 10 tips to ease the... Read more »

CTA aisle roadblock ahead - please don't step on the baby

This is just wrong. And I don’t really blame the teen mom, who actually was already onboard the CTA Red Line train before the middle-aged guy got on and blocked the rest of the aisle with his rolling suitcase. Of course, the teen mom could have sat on the other side of the doorway, and... Read more »

Theory proved: Nothing good comes from those crossing between rail cars

As I’ve written before, only trouble walks between cars. This time, it happened to be one of the new Series 5000 prototype rail cars on a trial run on the Red Line. It was rush hour and the train was packed with people. A middle-aged guy came hustling through the door at the end of... Read more »

International language breakdown irritates Blue Line riders

My daughter shares this annoying Tattler Tale: I was riding the Blue Line during morning rush to school, which actually seems more crowded than Red Line lately — even worse This guy was on his speaker phone trying to use an international calling card. But because he was in the tunnel, he obviously wasn’t able... Read more »