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CTA news and notes: RTA says no to high-priced consultant

Here are few CTA news items from this past week: RTA passes on consultant to lobby for federal capital dollars. The RTA board Wednesday voted to reject a $1.7 million contract with consultants to lobby Congress for capital repair dollars for the CTA and Metra. Red-Purple Modernization update meeting set. The CTA has scheduled an... Read more »

Quinn keeps CTA promise: $646 million for Red Line Dan Ryan rehab, two station overhauls

More than two years ago, Gov. Pat Quinn signed the Illinois Jobs Now bill, promising about $900 million in much-needed capital-repair cash for the CTA. Now he’s starting to follow through on that promise with Thursday’s announcement of $646 million to repair and rebuild the Red Line and make much-needed improvements on the Purple Line.... Read more »

Claypool hopes for "full-blown" bus rapid transit project on Western Ave.

Here’s the last installment of my interview with CTA President Forrest Claypool. View the other two recaps here and here. A few of my readers have asked about better service coordination with the CTA’s RTA partners, Metra rail and Pace bus systems. Claypool said he has a good relationship with RTA Chairman John Gates, and... Read more »

New options for "fixing the L problem" - get Metra in the mix

Last week, after we discussed the Chicago Reader’s “How to Fix the El” tome, I asked a professional transit planner and Chicago resident for his own solution. This is his plan, one definitely worth considering. Solving the Lake Shore Transit Issues Goals North Side Replace deteriorating structure on the North Side Main Line north of... Read more »

The Reader's ideas on how to fix the L: thoughtful, maybe not workable

In comprehensive cover story reminiscent of the Chicago Reader of old, Ed Zotti tells us unabashedly “How to Fix the El” — and has many good ideas. His only downfall is that he’s trying to be very comprehensive in a CTA planning world that is focused on just the area north of Belmont on the... Read more »

News pickup: End to free rides for all; IG gets authority over all transit boards, employees

Some transit news items for this week.End to free rides for all seniors. Gov. Pat Quinn finally signed into law a bill that would end free transit rides for all senior citizens. Only those seniors who qualify for the state’s Circuit Breaker aid program now will get free rides. Those income limits are: $27,610 for... Read more »

CTA Red-Purple Line alternatives: Wealth of choices with some sacrifice

The CTA officially unveiled six alternatives for the Red-Purple Line Modernization Project last week at four public meetings held in the neighborhoods that would feel the impact of the huge project. The project has the potential for affecting millions of riders on the heavily traveled stretch of the Red Line between Belmont and Howard, and... Read more »

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CTA Red-Purple Line alternative: No Action

The No Action Alternative would maintain the status quo. This alternative would include the absolute minimum repairs required to keep the Red and Purple Lines functional. Travel patterns would remain the same. Travel times would likely continue to increase and service reliability would continue to degrade due to the need to safely operate on systems... Read more »

CTA Red-Purple Line alternative: Basic Rehabilitation

This alternative includes a strategic mix of repairs, rehabilitation, and replacement to bring Evanston Branch and the North Red Line into a state of good repair. It would provide adequate service for the next 20 years. The stations, viaducts, and other structural elements would not be brought up to modern standards and would only meet... Read more »