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CTA wins $156 million in Red Line modernization funding

The CTA last week was promised $156 million in federal funds to begin engineering on Phase 1 of the Red-Purple Modernization project. And another $125 million for the huge project was included in President Obama’s 2017 budget. While the latter is not a certainty, the former will push the $2.1 billion Phase 1 project into... Read more »

CTA notes good progress made on accessibility; still more work to do

The CTA celebrates the 25th anniversary of the Americans With Disabilities Act this week by noting the strides it has made in making public transit accessible. But there is more work to do. The act was signed into law on July 26, 1990, by President George H.W. Bush, ensuring the civil rights of people with disabilities. The legislation... Read more »

Let's support CTA's Belmont bypass, and make sure it looks great

CTA sponsored a public hearing last week to take public comments on the proposed Belmont bypass. The bypass would be constructed to “fly over” the other three tracks. The Red and Purple could proceed north and south instead of stopping to wait for the northbound Brown Line train to pass over three tracks. You can... Read more »

CTA increases cost and scope of Brown Line bypass project

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The CTA this week released the environmental assessment for the proposed Brown Line bypass project. The cost grew to $570 million from $320 million because the CTA decided to rebuild tracks in the area and modernize signals. The project consists of a fifth track that zooms up and over the current Clark Junction. (See the... Read more »

How proposed Red Line modernization project would impact CTA riders

At an open house last week, the CTA shared more information on how it would construct the first phase of its proposed Red Purple Modernization project. And more importantly, how it would impact CTA riders. The CTA shared details on 22 display boards. Here’s the most important stuff. Details of work Station improvements: Completely reconstruct... Read more »

Surprise! CTA plans to start rebuild of north Red Line by 2017

In a surprise move, the CTA has announced it could begin the rebuild of four north Red Line stations and track by 2017. Lawrence, Argyle, Berwyn and Bryn Mawr stations and platforms, plus 1.3 miles of track in that vicinity, will be rebuilt. The construction would first close the east two tracks and Lawrence and... Read more »

Have your say on CTA Red Line north projects at open houses

Do you oppose the Belmont “flyover” project? Have concerns about the impact of the Lawrence to Bryn Mawr Modernization Project? You can let your voice be heard at two open houses this week on these projects. Sound off from 5:30 till 7:30 p.m. Wednesday on the Lawrence to Bryn Mawr Modernization Project at a hearing at Truman... Read more »

Price of progress: 16 buildings to be razed for CTA Belmont flyover

Most of the early stories about the $320 million project to build a flyover track at the Clark Junction focused on the 16 buildings that would have to be demolished. Well folks, that’s the price of progress. Instead we should focus on eliminating a huge bottleneck that delays 40 percent of the trains that pass... Read more »

Four north Red Line CTA stations to be rebuilt - with elevators

The four CTA Red Line stations north of Wilson are in line for complete reconstruction – including elevators – as early as 2017, according to a Tribune report. Lawrence, Argyle, Berwyn and Bryn Mawr will be rebuilt along with the crumbling elevated structure and deteriorating track at a cost of about $1.13 billion. That funding... Read more »

CTA to get up to $120 million in federal funds for Red-Purple modernization

As the only transit system currently accepted into the Federal Transit Administration’s (FTA) Core Capacity Program, the CTA is poised to receive up to $120 million allocated to the program this year in the 2014 Omnibus Appropriations Bill. It was passed last week by both chambers of Congress and is on President Obama’s desk for... Read more »