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O'Hare workers ride free while CTA works out glitch on pass distribution

Here’s a quick update on the CTA O’Hare fare snafu for employees at the airport boarding at the Blue Line terminus. More background here. From the Tribune: Several thousand airline employees and other workers at O’Hare International Airport are being allowed to board CTA Blue Line trains at the airport rail station for free through... Read more »

Exemption from $5 fare from O'Hare on Blue Line ends today

The temporary exemption of the $2.75 surcharge to ride the Blue Line from O’Hare ends today for all CTA customers using Chicago Card or Chicago Card Plus cards. The CTA in January changed the fare from O’Hare to $5, adding the $2.75 surcharge to the base $2.25 rail fare. But it exempted customers who use... Read more »

CTA pass increases lead to lower revenue

After the CTA raised prices for all of its passes in January, the transit agency is now reporting that revenue is about 2.5 percent less than budgeted, according to the Sun-Times. CTA President Forrest Claypool told the CTA’s board today that riders are switching to pay-as-you-go and away from passes. The seven-day pass increased 22... Read more »

Repairing CTA slow zones: Like Sisyphus and his rock

It’s a typical Sisyphean task – seemingly futile and hopeless. The CTA makes some good headway on repairing rail slow zones in one area, only to see rails deteriorate in another area and get added to the slow zone map. In August of last year, the CTA announced a $15 million project to add more... Read more »

CTA could net up to $36 million from defective buses settlement

The CTA has reached a settlement with North American Bus Industries (NABI) that guarantees the transit agency $14.25 million in cash over the next five years, and up to $36.25 million. The settlement stems from defective buses that NABI sold the CTA in 2003. The 226 NABI buses were taken out of service in February... Read more »

CTA to improve Internet connectivity in subway tunnels

Who hasn’t tried to open a Web page or check on a bus connection in a CTA subway tunnel, only to find no bars on you phone or get the dreaded “no Internet connection” message? Well, the CTA now is trying to make sure that doesn’t happen again. The CTA announced today it has issued... Read more »

How the CTA will earn $500K in fees from Ventra deal

When CTA President Forrest Claypool told a Chicago Tonight audience that the CTA would earn $500,000 in fees from the Ventra card, he made it sound like the bulk of that money would come from fees charged for use of the debit card. Not so, says a CTA spokesperson. He contacted me last week to... Read more »

Where Forrest Claypool went wrong on the CTA Ventra mess

In general, I like CTA President Forrest Claypool and think he’s done a good job since being appointed by Mayor Rahm Emanuel in 2011. But boy, he sure has made a mess of the Ventra fare/debit card release. In government, transparency rules. It is a key to winning the trust of citizens. But there was... Read more »

Lack of transparency on fees hurts CTA on Ventra deal

The CTA just keeps shooting itself in the foot on the whole Ventra deal. First, we learned that there will be a 50-cent fee for a one-time use fare card on CTA trains when Ventra is rolled out. Then we find out about a slew of fees to be charged for those who decide to... Read more »

New cafes, eateries to open on CTA Blue and Brown lines

CTA rail riders on the Northwest Side soon will have new options to grab some food before or after their Blue or Brown line commute. The CTA board last week approved four new lease with three vendors. Two CafĂ© Transit locations will open at the California and Damen Blue Line stops, The Bageler and His... Read more »