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CTA President Rodriguez gets his say on his last day on the job

Today is the last day on the job at 567 W. Lake St. for CTA President Richard Rodriguez- assuming he’s not taking a final vacation or furlough day, Outgoing CTA President Richard Rodriguez. (Tribune photo) As I wrote Wednesday: I think Rodriguez did about the best he could do given the economic conditions he ruled... Read more »

Rating Rodriguez: How the outgoing prez ranks on key values

CTA chief Richard Rodriguez today probably will participate in his final CTA board meeting as president. Next Monday, Rahm Emanuel will be sworn in as Chicago’s new mayor, and the mayor-elect already has selected his entire “cabinet,” including Forrest Claypool as the CTA president. Claypool still needs to be approved by the CTA board and... Read more »

Rodriguez out, Volpe in as CTA chief?

Michael Sneed over at the Sun-Times is reporting today that Paul Volpe, Mayor Daley’s chief of staff, may be replacing Rich Rodriguez as CTA president. Sneed says Rodriguez “may be leaving to return to the private sector.” Volpe was the city’s finance director and the main man when the parking meter lease deal went down.... Read more »

Bus Tracker info puts drivers at forefront of war on bus bunching

In this second report from my chat with CTA President Richard Rodriguez, he emphasizes the key role bus drivers play in reducing bus bunching “Bus Tracker is a great tool for us,” Rodriguez said. “Managers are using the information from Tracker to monitor and manage bunching. “And now we’re looking at drivers differently — they... Read more »

Daley's charge to Rodriguez: Improve CTA safety

When Mayor Richard Daley first tabbed Richard Rodriguez to be the new CTA president in February, he asked him to focus on improving safety on the nation’s second largest transit system, Rodriguez said in an interview with CTA Tattler last week. After a full three months on the job, results have been mixed. A look... Read more »