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Photo: "Quick" Ventra claim disputed by graffiti artist

There’s a lot of pent-up anger around town toward the CTA Ventra card, as this photo attests. Many CTA passengers are reporting long waits at the farebox as their Ventra card is “Processing…” The card that was supposed to speed boarding for instead has customers fuming – both those waiting for their card to process... Read more »

Best moment of unity on the Red Line: When Cubs fans finally get off at Addison

April 4: I publish 10 rules for tourists on how to use CTA Red Line to Cubs game. If you're going to a Cubs game, don't be this guy. No drinking on the train. It's very obnoxious, especially when you don't offer me any. (CTA Tattler photo)
(Here’s a shameless direct steal from Chicago Reader’s Best of Chicago 2012 issue. It’s written by Sam Worley. I couldn’t have said it better. I was reminded of this these past two evenings as I watched train after Red Line train limp into Grand and push off again without me on it, as Cubs fans... Read more »

Tempers flare, push comes to shove on Red Line crowded with Cubs fans

As I tweeted last night: “The only time I *really* hate the #CTA Red Line is at 5 pm northbound on nights of #Cubs games. Like right now.” There was the usual crush of clueless Cubs fans and tourist Phillies fans at Grand/State on the Red Line. To make matters worse, Red Line trains were... Read more »

We could all show a little more civility on the CTA. Here's how

One could say that pushing a woman down the Fullerton station stairs and killing her as you run with a snatched iPhone is the most extreme example of a lack of civility on the CTA. The civil thing to do is to respect your neighbor’s property and not steal. The civil thing to do is... Read more »

Murder puts CTA iPhone thefts on Page 1

Unfortunately, it took the tragic murder of an innocent 68-year-old woman for the city’s major media outlets to focus any attention on the big smartphone theft problem on the CTA. I’ve been writing about the big jump in thefts on the CTA for a year. I’ve been telling folks for a year about what they... Read more »

Sisters cart their lives onto the Red Line

At least a dozen times this winter I’ve seen two sisters in matching long, wool coats, matching red scarves, and matching green hats, sitting on the Red Line in the area set aside for a wheelchair. But instead of a wheelchair, they placed what perhaps is all their earthly belongings. And it looks like they’ve... Read more »

CTA on Paper: deciphering the modern-day hieroglyphics

Our series CTA on Paper continues with artist Susan Wise drawing the graffiti she saw on the window sill of a southbound Purple Line last week. “Sometimes I feel like I’m standing on a corner in Ancient Rome, reading the latest gossip on the city walls,” says Susan. I’m no expert at gang symbols, but... Read more »

Cap the perfume bottle on the CTA

I have my nose buried in the Tribune on my usual Red Line commute into the city. Then my nose is brutally assaulted. As we pull away from the Granville station, the strong perfume scent permeates the entire car. I turn around and immediately spy the culprit: It was a 60-something woman in a bad... Read more »

CTA crime: bus stare down leads to shooting; 2 guilty in third rail death

Two stories about crime on and around the CTA popped up in the news in the last day or so. Don’t stare down guys getting off the bus. The Trib reports: “A 17-year-old boy was shot in the back this afternoon after encountering a stare-down with three men getting off a South Side bus, Chicago... Read more »

CTA on paper: Artist depicts public transit denizens

CTA on paper: Artist depicts public transit denizens
Today we expand our roster of contributors again to include illustrations from my talented wife, Susan Wise. (You may recall that last week we featured the first in a series of CTA haikus by Jen  Masengarb.) Susan the artist carries a small notebook with her and dashes off quick sketches of people she sees on... Read more »