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CTA crime stories: Brown Line machete attack

Here’s the latest installment about crime and general news on the CTA. And what a week it was – from a machete attack to suicide. Brown Line machete attack: Seven people, including two teen boys and a girl, were charged last week in a machete attack on the Kedzie Brown Line platform. This already is vying for CTA... Read more »

What we did on the CTA before staring at our smartphones

Do you remember what we actually *did* on CTA trains and buses before the proliferation of smartphones? You know, before we had our heads down, our hands tightly clenching a rectangle with a four-inch wide screen? I figure this might have been as late 2008 or 2009. By 2010 smartphones were really becoming the go-to... Read more »

Security upgrades don't change how we feel about CTA crime: Tattler safety poll

A CTA Tattler quick poll shows that the recent safety upgrades by the transit agency haven’t really made much difference in how safe we feel compared to three years ago. A full 55 percent of the 630-plus readers who took the poll said they feel about the same as they did three years – that... Read more »

(What If God Was) On the Bus - CTA vintage video parody

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Yesterday I came across this 1990s-vintage video parody of some talented ladies singing about waiting for the #50 Damen bus, to the tune of “(What if God Was) One of Us.) What really makes it pertinent today is that things really haven’t changed too much. I suppose you might not have to wait so long... Read more »

News pickup: Orange Line robbers charged; CTA, unions unite on "Build Chicago" initiative

Two men suspected of armed robbery on an Orange Line train last week have been charged in the case after their surveillance photos were blasted across the Internet. Police charged Michael Taylor with four counts of armed robbery and two counts of aggravated assault with a firearm. The other alleged robber was not named, but... Read more »

Talk to a stranger on the CTA subway - you'll feel good about it!

So really, when was the last time you talked to a stranger on the subway? And no, that time you were drunk coming home from the Cubs game on the Red Line doesn’t count. Now a recent research study suggests that maybe we should make the effort to talk a stranger on the subway, because... Read more »

Want some "ridiculous" ads on CTA? Support this Kickstarter project

Are you tired of CTA ads for Montana and Wisconsin? Or the ones soliciting research subjects for yet another mental illness project? You can fund a Kickstarter project so Ben Larrison can “buy ad space … so that I can put ridiculous stuff up in 100 CTA cars.” And what kind of silly stuff might... Read more »

Dumb or Smarter? CTA Orange Line robbers caught on tape

It’s hard to say whether the alleged Orange Line robbers are real smart, or just plain dumb. So smart to be scoping out the route for a couple of hours before the attack. Smart that they knew the stretch between Halsted and Roosevelt was the longest on the route – seven minutes from station to... Read more »

CTA subway tunnel set for 4G wireless upgrade starting in November

The CTA has identified a company to upgrade wireless service in its subway tunnels to 4G and expects work to start by November. The CTA board is expected to approved the $27 million project this week The new service, which will take about a year to install, will replace the current 2G service in 22... Read more »

43 new species of subway weirdos found: Onion

A team of Columbia University anthropologists has identified 43 new species of weirdos living in the New York City subway system, according to an Onion report. These species sound remarkably similar to those observed habitating CTA subway tunnels, including “peculiar creatures [who] groom themselves, feign seizures, nibble on raw kale, scratch the same word exactly... Read more »