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Overall CTA ridership increased 2.4 percent in 2012

Despite rail station closures for North Red Line renovations, and some bus eliminations very late in December, the CTA ridership ledger showed black ink again for 2012. Overall ridership increased by 2.4 percent in 2012 over 2011, according to stats from the December 2012 ridership report. Ridership on the rails accounted for most of the... Read more »

CTA puts finishing touches on Morse station rehab five months after reopening

August 2012: Window walls are still missing on retail spaces on the south side of Morse.
In August of 2012, we were saying: “What a difference six weeks make.” That’s how long the Morse Red Line station was closed for renovations of the platform, tracks and track bed, station house, and adjacent commercial spaces. And now we are saying: “What a difference fives months make.” Well, maybe it’s not as dramatic... Read more »

A look back at 2012 on the CTA in photos - July to December

July 1: CTA Green Line gets new Series 5000 rail cars. (Photo by Max T-M)
Here’s part 2 of my CTA year in review via photos. This post focuses on events from July through December 2012. Check out photos recapping January through June. Also, read my blog post recapping the top 2012 CTA news.

A look back at 2012 on the CTA in photos - January to June

Jan. 5: Wheel problem on new Series 5000 CTA rail cars leads to 100 layoffs at assembly plant. Photo from by Graham Garfield.
It was a very busy and fascinating 2012 for the CTA. And your CTA Tattler was right there chronicling it in words and photos. Read my post “CTA year in review: system improvements, controversial decisions.” And enjoy these photos that show what happened month by month. This first set takes us through June. Be sure... Read more »

CTA year in review: system improvements, controversial decisions

Dec. 13: Jarvis station to reopen late Thursday - last of Red Line north renovations. Depicted here is the main entrance at Jarvis, one of seven north Red Line stations renovated in 2012. (Photo by Alderman Joe Moore)
The bold announcement that the CTA would totally shut down the Dan Ryan branch of the Red Line for five months in 2013 to rebuild the tracks was the top story of the year. Or was it the decision to raise prices for all CTA passes next year? No wait – the big story of... Read more »