Storm blows in old CTA transit card, stirs up memories of 2008 Crosstown Classic

The Cubs visit the White Sox this weekend - two ball clubs heading in different directions.

But by some strange happenstance, a CTA transit card commemorating the 2008 Cubs-Sox series came in my direction last weekend.

2008 CTA transit card

I found this card near my rear steps, just calling me to pick it up. I can only figure it was blown into my back yard by the Rogers Park supercell storm Aug. 2.

Now, 2008 was a very strange year in Chicago baseball, only because both teams won their divisions. And in the Crosstown Classic Series, it was the first time both teams played each other as leaders of their divisions.

For the series, 2008 also was the first time both clubs swept each other in their home parks.

So by the time the White Sox won the division after a tie-breaker game with the Minnesota Twins - a 1-0 victory on Jim Thome's home run - the whole town was looking forward to another Crosstown Classic - the World Series in October.

But alas, it was not to be.

The Cubs were swept in the first round by the Los Angeles Dodgers. And the Tampa Bay Rays took care of the Sox in the first round, three game to one. (Joe Maddon was the Rays manager.)

But thanks to the Greek wind gods, I got to relive that memorable baseball season.


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