L-epathic: A man struggles with his telepathic powers on the CTA L

Here's a fun video by a friend of mine. It's called "L-epathic":

A man struggles with his telepathic powers that seem to occur only while riding the L train.

Shout-out to OddMedia Productions and Jon Rivera and crew.


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  • My initial reaction was similar to when I saw an advertisement for a psychic on a bus shelter--does that mean he doesn't have to use the Tracker?

    His L-epathic must be on time delay if he couldn't figure out on the train that Theresa thought he was cute, but once he got off the train, he started stalking her. I wonder if he's figured out that Dominick's is no longer in that plaza.

    My powers of deduction also indicate that Theresa's character doesn't live in Evanston or Skokie.

  • Tell your friend not to quit his day job, that was terrible & a total waste of time!

  • In reply to ScooterLibbby:

    David is going to ask if at least 90% of YouTube is a waste of time????? None of us will respond.

    This might be Theresa's breakout performance.

    Also it documents that a Ventra reader worked. Who would have thunk that?

  • He blew it when he could have opened the door for her, instead of the other way around.

  • In reply to ibilldavis:

    I also wondered whether he could have helped the vision impaired passenger who was going through the doors as they were closing.

  • And another question for today: Why did a comment I posted 6 minutes ago register after a comment I actually posted a few seconds ago that the right pane said I posted 7 minutes ago? Jimmy?

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