Wilson Red Line rebuild: CTA releases detailed construction schedule

Work to rebuild the Wilson Red Line station and reconfigure the track layout will begin in about two weeks and finish up by fall of 2017, according to a construction schedule released by the CTA at a community meeting Tuesday.

Here are the highlights of the schedule, with some stages overlapping. Read more details in this presentation. And view the CTA's Wilson project page.

  • Pre-Construction (early-October 2014 through spring 2015): Work will entail the relocation of some utilities; foundation work for new, relocated infrastructure; and the demolition of unused freight structure, CTA owned property, the Broadway Mall and the Majestic Men’s Wear building (the façade will be kept and restored per project plans).
  • Stage 1 (spring 2015 / 12 months): Existing entrances remain open as crews construct temporary entrances on north and south side of Wilson Ave. and a temporary exit near Sunnyside; demolition and reconstruction of Track #1 (SB Purple); and construction of new southbound shared platform.
  • Stage 2 (spring 2016 / 7 months): All existing and new temporary entrances/exits open; demolition and reconstruction of Track #2 (SB Red); new westernmost platform in use.
  • Stage 3 (fall 2016 / 6 months): Existing Wilson Ave. and Gerber entrances closed; demolition and reconstruction of Track #3 (NB Red); and construction of new northbound shared platform.
  • Stage 4 (spring 2017 / 6 months): Demolition and reconstruction of Track #4 (NB Purple).
  • Stage 5 (fall 2017 / 2 months): Opening of new main stationhouse and new permanent auxiliary entrances on north side of Wilson Ave. and at Sunnyside; realign final track configuration and remove temporary entrances/exits.

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  • It's too bad the Majestic building could not be saved. It looks terrible now, but always seemed like if it were cleaned up it would look nice. It matches the Gerber building.

    Also, their project outline never states when they will remove the support columns in the middle of Broadway.

  • In reply to chris:

    You mean you aren't decrying the loss of the iconic Broadway Mall, the unmissable dump between the tracks ;-)?

    The schedule says when each track will be demolished and replaced. The job seems similar to the one at Belmont. When the track goes, the structure under it goes, too.

  • In reply to jack:

    The Broadway Mall was something alright...

  • In reply to chris:

    I was able to find out from Jeffrey Wilson.

    "Track 1 (the concrete columns only) over Broadway is Part Of stage 1 (Estimated March 2015 - March 2016). This is only for the concrete columns that support track #1 and not the steel columns for track 2, 3 and 4(future stages)."

    I guess they'll do each column when they redo the tracks.

  • In reply to chris:

    It is kind of hard to run the trains if there isn't any support under them. Probably distinguishable from Fullerton and Belmont, there isn't any mention of 3 track.

  • I am for rebuilding Wilson Ave. station. But is it really worth $204 million?

  • In reply to ibilldavis:

    As Chris implies above, also involves redoing all the track from about Lawrence to south of Montrose. Much more justifiable than $300 some million for the proposed Clark Jct. flyover.

    One would have to compare it to the cost of Belmont or Fullerton, and then add about 10 years inflation. Those two were not separately itemized, but were part of the about $550 million Brown Line project.

  • In reply to jack:

    They are also demolishing what is left of the old freight tracks that are still on the west side of the tracks.

    I think there is a chance for decent retail after this is completed as well. Majestic was empty, and the Broadway Mall leases were terminated a while back I think. Since this is right next to an Aldi, Target and a big multi-use building I could see the street retail being desirable. This eases the cost a bit as well.

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