CTA bar map covers drinkers at every rail station

We already have the "L" Challenge, where riders travel through every station on all eight rail lines.

How about adding a twist to that contest - get off the train at every stop and quaff a beer at a nearby tavern. That would probably take a bit longer than the current winning time of about nine-plus hours. But it would be more fun.

Now we have a CTA bar map to guide us on that trek. Check it out from Thrillist.com. Unfortunately, not every stop is mapped out. so you'll have to suggest watering holes at those missing stops. And of course you're free to suggest your favorites at stops that are mapped.

CTA bar map



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  • I was going to say they are lucky that Evanston is no longer dry, but the map ends at Howard. Apparently, the drunks don't get to Blago's neighborhood on the Brown Line, or much into the south, west, and southwest sides.

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    This is SO cool. Where was THIS when I lived in Chicago??? By the way, I first read about it on a new social bookmarking site that has a page called the "Chicago Digest." LOTS of cool stories about Chicago: https://www.moptwo.com/ChicagoDigest

  • In reply to Joshua Namm:

    If you can't find a tavern within 2 blocks of an L station without a partial map, that says something.

  • And right after closing time, the operators/motormen can get off their train and go to the bars and clean up.

  • In reply to ibilldavis:

    ibill: you certainly are consistent!

  • In reply to ibilldavis:

    And in this case, accurate. In once case, I needed to go to a bar to relieve myself while waiting for a bus at Jefferson Park, but the facility across the street was fairly obvious. On the other hand ibill is stating that the opposite is more likely, and with the reports of the smelly L cars, undoubtedly correct.

  • And Kevin, you have consistently disrespted labor.

  • Do we really need more intoxicated people on the trains? It's bad enough with the vagrant winos drinking "brown bags" & the Wrigley Field crowd. I find empty beer cans and half pint bottles every day!

  • In reply to Wingate:

    They are now going on the 364 Pace bus. And I mean really going.

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