Please don't lean against the door; here's why

Please don't lean against the door.

Not much more to say. Click image for payoff.

Hat tip to Andrew.

Dont lean against the door

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  • fb_avatar

    This is what happens when you think you're too cool for the rules, man.

  • I'm waiting for that to happen! LOL!!!

  • In reply to ApresSki:

    Must have missed "doors open on the right at ..." Or thought there should have been some "door open to the rear at ..." message.

  • Yes, this is funny. And a cautionary vignette for me if for no one else. But how did the video become public?

    The angle suggests the incident was captured by a ceiling-mounted CTA camera. If the police are trying to catch this unidentified guy for felonious leaning, sure, release the video. But what if I had been standing there, just scratching some stray wax out of my ear. Can that image get released? I think there ought to be some clear, legal standard before a video like this is made public.

  • In reply to emglatstein:

    It is in a public place. There is no 4th Amendment right of privacy there. That is the clear legal standard. You ear scratchers are protected only if you do it in your house, an enclosed back yard, or maybe in the restroom.

  • In reply to emglatstein:

    Nope, there's no camera in that location unless it's hidden in the doors themselves.
    Someone took it using a fisheye lens.
    That's makes this a planned gag, so it's a fake!

  • In reply to ScooterLibbby:

    The way he flopped without any resistance seems to reinforce your theory.

  • In reply to jack:

    I have a feeling too that this may be a fake video. But I think it's close to what may happen. Maybe not the total flop, but certainly a surprised jump away from the door.

  • In reply to Kevin O’Neil:

    Given emglatstein's point, any link to the original internet source?

  • In reply to jack:

    This is the link I got:

  • It's completely fake and I love it.

  • It may or may not be fake. It definitely wasn't made in Chicago. Only the 2200's don't have glass next between the entry area and the seats, and those doors didn't slide open. And if you ever stood too close to those, it would be worse then falling down anyways.

  • Here is a link to the full video, with audio!

    The article doesn't specifically say where it was taken, but it is in a section of a Singapore newspaper's web site called "Singapore Seen."

  • The yellow (rather than blue) safety strip on the platform was the giveaway for me. And the lack of glass on the partitions flanking the doors.

  • I have avoided the doors ever since that Rachel Barton thing years ago.

  • In reply to johnpseudonym:

    Rachel Barton had a leg amputated after she got off a Metra train & the conductors closed the doors without checking to see that everyone got off safely. Her cello got stuck along with her & she was dragged along the platform & roadbed.
    That had nothing to do with leaning against the doors from the inside!

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