O'Neil-Wise family holiday cards through the years

I am blessed with a wonderful family, starting of course with my talented wife Susan Wise.

And each Christmas, Susan has used her talents as an illustrator to depict our family in various holiday scenes. It's  much fun to look at the living room wall in our home arrayed with the 26 framed, original artwork. Great to see my daughter Moira as she aged from a toddler to a young adult. And how interesting even to watch me as I lost more and more hair!

Actually, Susan started the tradition in 1986 before we were even a couple, but has kept it going every year since then except 1990, when she was too busy being a new mom.

So many of our friends and family have told us that they look forward to getting the card each year. And remarkably, I've been in some homes where the owners reach into a drawer and pull out every card. They have saved them all!

And why not? You'll see why when you flip through this gallery of Susan's holiday card illustrations. And there's even a CTA theme one year!

Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year to all my loyal readers.

And thank you, Susan, for your talents, and for being my wife.

(Hat tip to Jenna for urging me to write about this topic even though it's not in my CTA wheelhouse.)



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    May 2014 be filled with flyover junctions and bereft of slow-zones.

  • These are magnificent. Susan is so talented.

  • Wow - those are fantastic! Thanks so much for sharing.

  • I've often heard of Susan's studio, but didn't really know what her "talent" was. WOW!!! What a talent! Just amazing!!! Merry Christmas to you and your family Kevin! Glad to see you're back "home"!

  • These are neat and a great tradition. Thanks for sharing!

  • Those are lovely. Give Susan my best.

  • I love the homemade Christmas Cards. Very nice!

  • Thanks to everyone for your kind comments.

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    Thanks so much for sharing these wonderful Christmas cards. It's a lovely tradition and Susan is so talented! Happy holidays!

  • Such talent!

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