Do we really need an app to wake us before our CTA "L" stop?

I think we've all taken short naps on the CTA "L" or bus during our commuting days or after late-night partying. Maybe a few of us have even missed our stop due to our somnolent state.

Well, those days could be over if you download the "L"-ert iPhone app. Just pre-set your stop and "L"-ert will send sound and vibration notifications before you arrive at your destination.

I saw these guys northbound on the Red Line about an hour before the polls closed. I hope they voted early because it looks like they might sleep through their chance to make a difference at the polls. (CTA Tattler photo)

I saw these guys northbound on the Red Line. I hope they had their "L"-ert app. (CTA Tattler photo)

According to the website from app developer Alex Zielonko, "L"-ert allows:

  • Certified space cadets an opportunity to explore their inner cosmos.
  • Exhausted desk jockeys an occasion for resting weary eyes.
  • Ferocious readers the chance to remain engrossed in textual nirvana.
  • You to avoid missing your CTA station.

Read the full story at DNIinfo Chicago.

Now, if someone would invent an app to prevent someone from slicing open your pocket while you snooze on the "L."
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  • Goodness gracious, if you are sleeping on the El missing your stop is the least of your troubles.

  • Only a total idiot falls asleep on the L.
    If he's lucky, he'll get to wake up with everything he fell asleep with in the same condition!
    One of the stupidest apps ever.

  • 1. There is Mr. CTA. Especially if your stop is Howard. "Everyone must leave the train."
    2. As indicated by the last sentence and the above comments, it probably will alert iThieves before the user is sufficiently awake to fend off the larceny.
    3. I see that Scooter and whateva already got to those comments. Some commenter mentioned "why not Android?" Do Android devices get stolen on CTA as frequently as iProducts?

  • I don't sleep on the the L, but I have spaced out reading. I've never missed my stop, but I have had several "Oh, sh*t!" moments. Maybe I should use this.

  • I have never slept on a train or a bus.

  • I think this new app is kinda silly. The app is supposed to vibrate or play a sound to wake you up. That assumes the sleeping person will hear the sound or the phone vibrating. I think all this will do is annoy the riders who hear it before the sleeping person does.

  • In reply to Richard S.:

    With respect to vibrating, it depends where they put it in their pants. However, in that case, it still might not wake them up.

  • This is unrelated to the topic of the article, but I'm putting this here hoping it will get noticed.

    For the last month or so, all of the Transit Card vending machines have been issuing Transit Cards that expire 12/15/13. These Transit Cards will stop working this Sunday night even if you have money left on them.

    The CTA put out a press release on Friday night saying that if you take your Transit Card to a vending machine between now and Sunday night and add any amount to the card, the machine will issue you a new card with a new expiration date.

    I had a card that expired 12/15/13. I tried adding money to it last week and it did not extend the expiration date. When I saw this press release I went to an 'L' station Friday night and added 5 cents
    to the card. It gave me a new card that expires 3/31/14.

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