CTA gifts can fulfill holiday shopping needs

If you have a railfan on your holiday shopping list, the CTA and various CTA tchotchke makers have some great ideas for you.

Check out the photo gallery and get one step closer to knocking a few items off your gift list.


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  • Also, there probably is a special holiday design Ventra gift card, except that your recipient will find out that it doesn't work. Maybe someday they will have the same fate as the token cufflinks.

  • Too bad you didn't leave a direct link to that "funny CTA hoodie". There are thousands of hoodies and it doesn't have a good Search on that website.

  • Here's the link for the CTA Hoodie:

  • Why is the map of the CTA sooooooooooooooooooooooooo small on the hoodie? It's poorly designed since you have to zoom in to see it. High school students could have done a much better job.

    Oh well, another well designed CTA failure queued up with the rest.

  • In reply to ApresSki:

    But how big were the CTA maps in Derrick Rose's shoe or on that woman's foot (you can look those up on the CTA Tattler)?

  • http://www.cafepress.com/+hooded_sweatshirt,129163723

    Comes in white & gray but the design is just too small for $37!

  • Hoodie

    Adam Portilla

    Find more mens
    unique gifts at CafePress

  • Thanks for the links, Apres.

  • You know how the CTA can help me fulfill my holiday shopping needs? Stop double-charging me every time I get on a bus! HIYO!

  • In reply to johnpseudonym:

    John - just curious. Is the CTA *really* double-charging you every time you get on the bus? If so, how? Is it because you have to swipe your Ventra card a bunch of times to get it to "Go"?

  • In reply to Kevin O’Neil:

    Not every time, only once. Never got that two dollars back, either. It makes me look at my Ventra balance online religiously. And now I ALWAYS exit through the back, just to be safe.

  • Tribune just had an article that Rick Levin Auctions is holding an online auction for various CTA surplus, including 2 2200 series cars, which I'm sure will fit under the Christmas tree (too late for the Chanukah bush).

  • In reply to jack:

    I understand that most of that stuff is worn out or surplus.
    But how is a J14 bus stop sign surplus?
    Or the Loyola station sign?

  • In reply to ScooterLibbby:

    Since the bid is $25, maybe Claypool figured out a way to make money if it only cost $5. Otherwise, who knows?

  • In reply to ScooterLibbby:

    Also, I wonder if it is a defect, because it doesn't have a CTA bullseye on it, in which case there are probably more.

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