After January fire, finally moving back to rehabbed home

I hope you'll indulge me with this personal post: I'm finally moving back home.

Some of you may recall the post about from early February about the fire in my duplex. We've been displaced since then, waiting for our home to be de-smoked and rehabbed.

The wait is over. We move in today.

It's a good day, and it will be a Happy Thanksgiving.




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    Yay, congrats!

  • Glad that you finally get to go home again.

  • Home for the Holidays! :-) Glad to hear it!

  • Here's to happy outcomes!

  • I've only started reading your blog about 2 months ago and therefore knew nothing about this. What thing to go through!

    Well, good luck to you and have a happy thanksgiving!

  • That's great Kevin! Glad you're back in the house for the holidays! Place looks nice!

  • Welcome home.

  • I too only started reading your blog recently and had no idea - congratulations and happy Turkey Day! Something to truly be thankful for!

  • Thanks to you all for your warm thoughts and best wishes.

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