CTA changes tune quickly, provides bus service to new Wal-Mart

Under fire from Mayor Emanuel, the CTA acted quickly today to expand bus service in the Pullman neighborhood tomorrow to coincide with Wednesday's opening of a new Wal-Mart store at 10900 S. Doty Avenue.

The #111A Pullman bus shuttle will run every 20 minutes on weekdays between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m., and 4:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m., and on weekends and holidays between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. Service demand is expected to be highest at those times. This service will remain while a final service plan is reached with the developer and community, the CTA announced.

The CTA had signed a contract in 2011 to expand service when the Wal-Mart opens. From a Tribune report:

[Ninth Ward Alderman Anthony Beale] said the retail developer built the site to accommodate buses with a bus turnaround and nearby sidewalks for commuters. He said CTA officials told him it would cost $680,000 a year to extend the two bus routes to the Wal-Mart. But Beale said the costs would be offset by the additional riders making trips to the store.

CTA officials, acknowledging that they signed the 2011 contract Beale described, said late Monday afternoon that the transit agency is working with the developer and Beale and will implement service "as soon as possible.''

ASAP became today, but not before Mayor Rahm took CTA President Forrest Claypool to task for taking so long to come up with a solution. Rahm was at a ribbon-cutting ceremony, making these acerbic remarks, according to the latest Tribune story by Jon Hilkevitch:

The mayor told the crowd that he would have been to the celebration earlier, but he took the bus and had to walk about five blocks.

As the crowd and the mayor laughed together, Emanuel said: “Forrest ain't here. You know, whatever. He'll be here tomorrow to make sure that bus is here every 20 minutes.”

Crediting Beale for his persistence, Emanuel said, “You don’t build great stores like this so people get dropped off five, six blocks away.’’

As if the CTA doesn't have enough media nightmares with the Ventra rollout this week. This seems like one that could have been avoided.


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  • That's great for the Southeast Side.
    Now when the hell are the idiots that run the CTA going to bring back buses on Elston & Clybourn which have even more shopping than the single Walmart in Pullman?
    It's a long walk from Diversey, Fullerton, Western, Damen or Ashland to the stores on the angle streets.
    And why can't they add a NB stop for the Damen bus right at Costco, instead of being forced to walk an extra block to Diversey?
    I fully understand that adding a SB stop there is just too dangerous as there's no crosswalk & one won't be installed until Lathrop is redeveloped, which is a few years away.

  • In reply to ScooterLibbby:

    Apparently you folks on the north side don't have an alderman who can embarrass the powers that be. Remember that it took a stink just for Beale to get the project approved, once it came out that it included a Walmart.

    Someone posted on the Tribune Facebook comments "what about Lincoln?" showing that north side politicians can dump on north side voters, but dare not cross the south side.

    And if you want an education about one north side alderman whose reformer credentials have been shattered, look at the most recent Chicago Political Commentary. Her got mentioned here over stirring up the frenzy that the Jarvis station was going to close--except not for the next 10 years, if then.

  • In reply to jack:

    If I cross the street from my home, then I'm in Moore's ward. He does little for the south end of his ward, although he doesn't do much for the whole ward.
    He's wasted portions of the ward's yearly city budget on such desperately needed things as painting the UP RR underpasses & paying the Park District to let the relatively well off people on Sheridan park for free overnight in the Loyola Park parking lot.
    He let the Adelphi Theater get torn down & replaced by an empty concrete foundation.
    He was supposed to get a federal award, but the feds withdrew it a few weeks ago when yet another scandal involving him went national!
    Well, at least the 6400 block of Greenview will get repaved as it's a total wreck now.

  • In reply to ScooterLibbby:

    I thought that was discussed enough, and he exposed himself enough on Chicago Political Commentary, which was written in response to the award at least being deferred based on the statement by the IG.

  • Good news that the IDIOTS at cta were forced to provide service,do they even finish high school to work at cta? I work at Midway International airport and our first flight is ready to go just after five am,yet the IDIOTS at cta bring the first train to Mdw at five am,GENIUS,so no passengers or airport workers can get to the airport on what cta calls rapid transit in a city the size of Chicago,mr mayor can you make a call?

  • In reply to airportguy2:

    Not sure about your acronym. I got Illinois Department of, but couldn't go further. :-)

  • In reply to airportguy2:

    Wait, what? How long has that been going on? Why hasn't anything been done about it?

  • In reply to Cheryl:

    The Orange Line never ran owl. Thus, the only question has been when the first morning trip arrives, assuming that it has to start at Midway yard and circle the Loop. So, probably the answer is 1993.

    They must have assumed that the 47 and N62 bus, both of which serve the Midway terminal at night, were sufficient.

  • With the expansion of International flights to Mdw and the increased passenger loads at the airport the N62 which is Late 100 % of the time is a poor alternative to serve the airport,and we wonder why Chicago can't land the Olympics

  • In reply to airportguy2:

    According to Richard M. Daley, it was all "money and politics" on the IOC's part. Besides that, he promised a maglev to O'Hare.

    BTW, you won't be seeing the 900 articulated buses that New Flyer said CTA purchased for delivery in time for the Olympics, ever.

    The Olympics were not going to use Midway, given the bus procession down King Dr., rather than sticking the "dignitaries" on the Green Line.

  • In reply to airportguy2:

    It's not like anyone wanted the Olympics other than Ritchie. But I see your point about the Orange Line. I don;t think it ever ran 24 hours, but it ought to run whenever there are planes landing at Midway.

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