No hiding for flashers on new CTA rail cars

No hiding for flashers on new CTA rail cars
Aisle-facing seating make it hard for flashers to hide. (CTA photo)

I have often been critical about the tight seating on new CTA 5000 Series rail cars. Even normal-sized riders have to squeeze into the seats, and forget about sitting if you're even slightly overweight.

But these open, aisle-facing seats do have a plus side, and it takes a woman to notice it - there are no hiding places for wankers and flashers - and other purveyors of deviant behavior.

First, there are at least six cameras in every car. And certainly the greated deterrent is the aisle-facing seats. All is in the open. There's nowhere to hide.

Even the Hobo Corner is less-inviting. You know - the compartment across from the motorman's "office." There are no seats there any longer, and the area appears to be smaller than the space on the old 3000 series cars.

Being a man, I haven't seen all the disgusting things that many women complain about. I asked my wife and daughter to catalog them for me:

  • Shooting up black tar heroin on Blue Line.
  • Huffing from a rag.
  • Masturbation.
  • Fellatio by two teens.
  • Urination.
  • Defecation.
  • Toenail clipping.
  • Flashing.
  • Furtive groping.

It's harder to sleep too.

So I guess we should look at the bright side sometimes when considering these new rails cars.



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  • In that another CTA iPhone serial thief was picked up, ignorant of the fact that iPhones have gps, I doubt that the cameras are a sufficient deterrent, at least until such time is that there is real time monitoring.

    Supposedly cars on all lines are getting the security cameras, so I guess there would be equal chance to catch somebody shooting up on the Blue Line, even though the Blue Line isn't getting any 5000s.

    And the Huffington Post has the usual statistical debate about CTA saying that station security cameras are deterring crime, while others don't buy it.

  • Then how come, NYC, which has always had this miserable type of seating had & still has flashers & gropers?

    The answer is simple: The more crowded a train is, the more standees there are, the easier it is to get away with that crap.
    And the 5000s are making the trains have more standees!

  • On a somewhat related topic, showing that CTA can't stop it:Teen sues United for failing to stop masturbator.

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