CTA enters final stretch of Wells Street Bridge work

CTA workers reportedly are ahead of schedule in replacing the south side of the Wells Street Bridge. Work is supposed to be wrapped up by 4 a.m. next Monday before the morning rush hour.

In the meantime, CTA riders will be inconvenienced for at least three more days.

Here's what service to expect on rail lines serving the Loop:

Brown Line trains will operate between Kimball and Merchandise Mart between 4am and 8pm weekdays. After 8pm weekdays, and on weekends, trains will operate between Kimball and Chicago only.

Free shuttle buses will operate between Chicago and Washington/Wells, making stops at LaSalle/Kinzie (for Merchandise Mart station) and at LaSalle/Lake (for Clark/Lake station), to make connections between rail lines.

A Loop Shuttle Train will operate continuously, making all stops on the Brown Line side of the Loop ‘L’, during all weekday hours where Brown Line service usually operates there.

Orange, Green, Pink and Brown Line trains will be rerouted as follows:

Orange Line: Trains will operate between Midway and Washington/Wells, operating in both directions via Van Buren and Wells.

Green Line: Trains will run in three sections:

  • between Harlem/Lake and Clinton,
  • between Ashland/63rd–Cottage Grove and Adams/Wabash,
  • as a shuttle between Adams/Wabash and Clark/Lake (transfer at Adams/Wabash between shuttle trains and trains to/from 63rd Street).

Pink Line: Trains will operate between 54th/Cermak and Clinton.

Brown Line: Trains will operate between Kimball and Chicago.

Free shuttle buses will operate between Chicago Brown Line, Clark/Lake, Washington/Wells and Clinton to make connections between rail lines.

Allow extra travel time. For more information, visit the Wells Street Bridge Reconstruction page.

And be sure to check out the great photos by the CTA of the work last weekend.


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  • 1. It isn't so much whether CTA is ahead of schedule but whether CDOT is. It is kind of hard to run a train over a nonexistent bridge, although one of the followers of the blogs doesn't think so.

    2. Of course, the real fun starts in a couple of weeks.

  • The north side of the bridge, I think.

  • Just a small observation, but has anyone else noticed that the words "Chicago River" has never been printed or spoken? I mean after all, the Wells St. bridge does start at Hubbard St. and ends at Van Buren St.

  • In reply to ibilldavis:

    No, the bridge extends between the north bank and Wacker Drive. Again, CTA's and CDOT's jurisdiction is confused.

    I guess it is assumed that it is not the Wells St. Bridge over the Cal-Sag Channel (if there even is such a thing).

  • Just wait until next year when 3 tracking comes back for the reconstruction of all 4 tracks at Wilson!

  • On Friday, May 03, the biggest part is over......1929 hours.....if this had been Promontory Point, the telegrapher would have keyed.....D....O....N....E! But this is Chicago and it's the CTA....so at 1929 hours, CTA rail control announced that the last of the Brown line Roosevelt reroutes had cleared the Webster crossovers and was on normal rails, headed to Kimball terminal. A generous round of thanks was given to all involved personnel, especially to those involved in the five-day workweek effort just completed. Although the Wells Street Bridge Project Number Two was not completely over, the major task of the reroutes, "gap trains", extra trains and express trains, all the personnel in extra positions, the towers that were manned but are not back to automatic, that Herculean effort has been completed. True, one half hour from that time, Brown line trains would tie up at Chicago & Franklin station for tonight and for the rest of the weekend. Also overnight, the weekend closures at Tower 18 would begin again for the second weekend. Work remains still to be done at Hubbard curve and at Lake & Wells. Come Monday morning......well, we'll wait and see. I think the results of some careful planning and lessons applied showed up quite well this time around.

  • Did they finish replacing the tracks at the Wells/Lake junction? I swear, the ride through the diamond is worse than before the work began. Also, why didn't they level the northbound tracks on Wells St as it enters the junction? There is a noticeable dip at the rail joint.

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