Work at CTA Loyola station progresses nicely; new west entrance opens

Work continues at a nice pace at the CTA Loyola Red Line station. The CTA in collaboration with Loyola University Chicago is rehabbing the station and building a new plaza in front of the recently built entrance.

And late last month the CTA finally opened a new entrance on the west side of the station on Loyola Avenue. Improvements slated for the station include:

  • Repairs to the platforms and curtain walls.
  • New windows, flooring, lighting and interior finishes.
  • Additional bike parking (48 total) - already done.

When the project is done the old entrance on Sheridan will close and the dangerous crossing right at the viaduct will be removed.



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  • Now all they have to do is combine & move the NB bus stops.
    Get rid of the one at Arthur/Sheridan as it's been moved way south because of the driveway to Fordham Hall & the one at the NE corner of Loyola/Sheridan & have just one at the SE corner of Loyola/Sheridan, which is right at the new crosswalk.
    Of course I'm betting that the Loyola students will still cross at the viaduct!
    They then need to give the 155 buses a signal priority system to change the light at the the NB Sheridan Rd. cutoff. The wait there for a green light for the bus is interminable.

  • They couldn't correct that mistake that was made 30 years ago and have the trains stop at the same platform. What a wasted opportunity.

  • In reply to ibilldavis:

    If you go back to earlier reports here, the vast amount of the grant money was to Loyola for street level improvements.

    Either CTA would have had to widen the right of way for dual platforms (would make more sense if it plans to inaugurate a full time express-local corridor) or force the crowd into half the now available space.

  • That already looks a lot better than I remember it looking.

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