Could be worse: In New York, both base fare AND passes to increase

While Chicagoans riding the CTA on passes will dig deeper in their pockets next month, New York City riders face an increase in both base fare AND pass prices.

The base fare in New York will go up 25 cents to $2.50. The cost of a 30-day pass will increase by $8 to $112. A seven-day pass will rise by $1 to $30.

On the CTA, these price changes go into effect for passes starting Jan. 14:

  • One-day pass from $5.75 to $10.
  • Three-day pass from $14 to $20.
  • Seven-day pass from $23 to $28.
  • 30-day pass from $86 to $100.
  • Metra Link-Up pass from $45 to $55.

A New York Times story shows the approach that the Metropolitan Transportation Authority board took in determining the final fare increases:

 Though a fare increase has long been expected, the authority undertook a unique approach in determining how exactly it would be implemented, unveiling four options in the fall and soliciting feedback from riders on which they preferred. One proposal called for the base fare to remain $2.25, but raised the cost of a 30-day pass to $125. Another kept the base fare at $2.25, increased the cost of a 30-day pass to $119 and eliminated the pay-per-ride bonus entirely.

In the end, none of the options were adopted precisely.

“At the public hearings, customers asked us to minimize increases to the passes and maintain some level of bonus,” Joseph J. Lhota, the authority’s chairman, wrote in a letter to board members last week, in which he recommended approving the new fares and tolls. “They did not want to see another double-digit percentage increase in the 30-day pass.”

In 2010, the authority raised the cost of 30-day cards to $104, from $89, a 17 percent increase.

Makes you wonder what CTA riders might have said if the board had asked.


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  • The CTA Board wouldn't have asked.

    I wonder if Mayor Bloomberg had a news conference saying that fares were not going up.

    I also wonder how, by actually listening and at least deferring the "non fare increase" at O'Hare by deferring the surcharge until some plan for airport employees is worked out how it will convince the RTA in one day that it is presenting a balanced budget, except that the RTA doesn't really care.

  • In reply to jack:

    The Tribune says that the RTA put a halt to approving the CTA budget, although not for the reasons I stated before. However, since that still puts a monkey wrench into the CTA's plans, I retract the last phrase of the above post.

    Also, the article noted that Claypool went out the side door without comment. Typical.

    This could get interesting.

  • Today, Friday December 21, Groupon is selling a 3 day CTA pass for $9

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    New York also has a phenomenal subway system and higher cost-of-living (meaning you get paid a New York salary). $12 more than Chicago for a 30-day pass is worth it for the New York subway, with its fast, spacious, and on-time trains. Can't say the same for Chicago.

  • Worth also pointing out that Chicago transit operators are paid more than their New York counterparts, despite the far lower cost of living here.

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