If only our CTA bus rides were this much fun

If only our bus rides were this much fun on the CTA in Chicago.

In watching this video made for the Denmark transit agency Midttrafik, you might think they were giving out happy pills to the riders/actors on board.

Of course, CTA buses do boast these amenities lauded in the ad:

Free handles.
It is big and long.
It has its own lane.

Well, the last one will be coming soon to the #14 Jeffery. And the riders of the #145 and #11 probably won't be this happy when bus route changes and cuts happen in December.

Here's the translation if you don't feel like watching the video, courtesy of Daily Picks and Flicks:

(0:13) Midttrafik presents: The bus
(0:23) The bus driver is cool.
(0:25) The bus driver: I am cool.
(0:30) Top nice seats.
(0:35) Gigantic panorama windows with impressive views.
(0:41) Designer bells with cool functions.
(0:49) Free handles.
(0:51) It is big and long.
(0:55) It has its own lane.
(1:05) Yeah.
(1:07) It is street.
(1:11) And it also drives at night.
(1:16) The bus driver: I am still cool.
(1:18) Yeah. The bus is cool, so get up early tomorrow and get a good seat.
(1:24) Midttrafik. We will drive you.



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  • The guy at the beginning seems to be emulating numerous squirrels, possums, and skunks in trying to become roadkill. This year, especially skunks.

    And I mentioned something about the CTA's use of free handles before.

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