Berwyn track work looks familiar, still startling

It's become a relatively common sight this summer: CTA weekend workers strip naked the rail bed adjacent to a north Red Line rail station, and then proceed to rebuild it -- all accomplished in just over 50 hours.

But no matter how commonplace it may be, it's still a startling sight to behold. These photos from around noon on Saturday at Berwyn attest to that. Last weekend, workers rebuilt the southbound track; this weekend it the northbound tracks. The stationhouse and platform will be closed and refurbished Oct. 5 through Nov. 16.



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  • Apparently not Svengoolie's Berrrrwyyyn, although both were named for the same town in Pa. Oh, well.

    Also, from the Customer Alert, they'll have a lot of ballast to haul up there if they are going to end the bus detours by 12 p.m. Monday (which I assume means noon).

  • The bus detours ended by the Morning morning rush, at least for some routes. The work went late each night, which had to have been annoying for residents near the station.

  • Dusty, loud, and messy. I love it.

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