Plenty of track work this weekend as CTA deploys crews to four Red Line north stations

This weekend the CTA expanded to four the number of stations where crews worked on lay track and new viaduct parapets for the north Red Line interim improvement project. Previous weekend track work was centered at Morse and Jarvis.

When you include ongoing work at the temporarily closed Morse station, the CTA was working this weekend on five of the seven stations being rehabbed during this project. Granville was reopened July 13 after closing for six weeks, and I didn't actually go as far north as Jarvis to see if work being done on the viaduct from below track level.

Service understandably was a bit slow Saturday and Sunday from Wilson through Loyola to accommodate the work at Lawrence, Argyle, Berwyn and Thorndale. Southbound trains were skipping stations from Granville through Lawrence and traversing the southbound Purple Line trains. The CTA boarded southbound passengers at the west auxiliary platform at Wilson.

Northbound trains served all stations from the southbound track so that crews could safely work on both northbound tracks at the above four stations. This led to some passenger confusion, but CTA agents were out in full force communicating the changes.

This was the first time I've seen trains stop at both ends of the long Loyola station. Southbound passengers boarded at the north end. Then the train would move south about 1,000 feet or so to welcome passengers from Lawrence to Granville who had to go north first before going south past Wilson.

Having the four tracks is one reason the CTA can keep stations open while working on track.

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