Bathrobe woman stalks the Red Line

(As CTA Tattler takes a brief summer's respite, we'll publish "Tattler Tales" from the very early days of CTA Tattler. I started chronicling all things seen and heard on the CTA in June 2004. This post proves some things never change.)

My wife and daughter are waiting for the Red Line going south at Howard. Howard is the beginning (and end) of the Red Line.

A woman gets on the car with them. Wearing pajamas, a bathrobe and sneakers. She looks like the stereotypical white trash lady – about 30 years old, long, greasy blond hair, and a red red nose. Coke snortin’ red.

She makes her way slowly down the aisle. She had the demeanor of a Jesus freak, overly friendly and cheery, like a Mormon. She stopped at each passenger and asked:

“Do you have a cigarette?”

She didn’t get one.

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  • I take it that in the succeeding 7 years, your wife figured not to take the L.

    Also, I can't figure out why someone would take $1,000 on the rapid transit, as reported today by Hilkevitch. This isn't MARTA.

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