Tokyo subway strap zap ads, coupons to smartphones

As if advertisers don't have enough ways to attract a transit rider's eye, they've found a new method on Tokyo subways.

And riders have to help. (Again, as if....)

Hand straps on Tokyo rail cars can send advertising and coupons to a commuter's smartphone when touched. A small box called Strappy above the strap handle "contains a reader for FeliCa, a near-field communications standard in Japan used in contactless smart cards like Pasmo, the Tokyo subway's rechargeable card," according to

That's all we need is for the CTA to team up with its contactless smart card vendor on this gizmo in our rail cars.

Via Mashable.


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  • I suppose that they could just get Titan to put in WiFi or Bluetooth in the trains and buses. CTA already says they have something similar for their parking lots.

  • People may seek out ads when a new delivery medium is in its novelty phase. They will eventually prefer to avoid them, unless they offer a high value of inherent entertainment or sponsored content.

    BTW I don't like to use hand straps.

  • In reply to CCWriter:

    Not that you'll have much choice on the 5000s.

    But can you imagine what would happen on the CTA if a passenger did what was depicted in the second picture? Being a CTA Tattler reader, you know.

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