Potpourri of posts: Groupon deal; Morse rehab; Pace to accept new CTA fare card

Wednesday was a busy day for CTA news.

I wrote three posts today, which is a little unusual for me. To make sure you see all three new posts, I summarize and link to them here:

1. The deal is on! $1.9 million to CTA from Groupon for 250K 3-day passes

  • It's a win-win-win, for the CTA, Group0n and smart riders.

2. CTA to expand Morse station house during rehab

  • The station house for the Morse Red Line stop will be expanded into an adjacent vacant storefront when the CTA rehabs Morse starting June 29.

3. Pace joins CTA in new fare collection system

  • Use of a single fare card across different transit systems took a step closer to reality Wednesday when the CTA board approved an agreement to let Pace install and operate the CTA's open fare system.




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  • By now you should know that #3 is a misstatement, including of what the CTA contract with Cubic was.

    Pace honors CTA fare cards now. The deal is that Pace will pay to piggy back on the proposed CTA Cubic system of open fare media, including accepting any bank card with the proximity chip.

    What might be bigger news is that it was reported by the Trib that, as I predicted, Metra has to do something, but apparently not with CTA.

  • Come to the CTA "Town Hall" Meeting this Monday the 18th at the South Shore Cultural Center.

    Forest Claypool said he would be there, any I (or anybody) can discuss this situation with him directly .

    6pm to 8pm - 71st St. and South Shore Dr.

  • You didn't say what happened at the Board Meeting yesterday. You posted that you were going to be there.

    I'll reiterate--unless there is a "conversation," instead of one of Forrest's aids telling the audience what the deal is, anyone saying attend a meeting is asking us to waste our time.

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