CTA admits "miscommunication" on Morse street closings, apologizes to Rogers Park community

In an email to CTA Tattler, the CTA apologizes to the Rogers Parkers for "the delay in notifying the surrounding community of the street closures," saying it was "due to miscommunication."

Here's the statement:

"The delay in notifying the surrounding community of the street closures was due to miscommunication – we have since taken the necessary steps to ensure such an issue does not occur again. We apologize to our neighbors and customers for the inconvenience.

"Notices of the weekend street closures due to Red Line viaduct work were distributed throughout the area today and Alderman Moore’s office has issued a notice via email to subscribed constituents of the latest updates."

Joe Moore, alderman of the 49th Ward where the Morse station is located, met with CTA representatives Friday to get answers on how the miscommunication happened.  In an email to constituents and posting on his website, Alderman Joe Moore said, "This lack of notice for such a massive undertaking is nothing short of stunning and completely unacceptable."

During the evening rush hour, a customer service assistant (CSA) was distributing flyers at Morse with details of street closures this weekend and June 14 to 18 - albeit a couple days late for this weekend.

On Saturday, the community got plenty of information from the CTA. Representatives and CSAs were out in full force at the Morse station, explaining the track work occurring this weekend and how riders have to ride north to Howard to ride south. CTA workers with Kiewet Construction this weekend are replacing the track bed, ties and rails on the two northbound tracks. View Tattler photos of the weekend work.

Jeff Wilson, CTA government and community relations officer, was walking Morse Avenue, chatting with business owners and helping CTA riders. He stopped by and chatted with Moore while the alderman took questions and citizen requests his "satellite service office."

Glad to see the CTA admitting its mistake. I think you can bet they will be much more proactive in communicating about this big project in the future.


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  • Not much in this release about CTA communicating with the Glenwood Market, motorists in the area, etc. (except maybe Jeff Wilson).

  • In reply to jack:

    Jack: The CTA did address the market in the full statement that I published in the previous post:

    "The Glenwood Street Market will be open on Sunday at the location they originally planned for and requested."

    And indeed, it is open right now in its spot. It probably will have to move during the June 15-18 weekend that the CTA replaces the southbound track.

  • In reply to Kevin O’Neil:

    In that the market was open doesn't mean that CTA informed them in advance about the inconvenience they or their potential customers would suffer (as indicated by several comments to the Friday post), at least as a result of the street closures.

  • In reply to jack:

    Jack, there's no question the CTA didn't inform ANYONE in advance about this week's work and street closings. That's why I've been writing about it all weekend.

  • In reply to Kevin O’Neil:

    So, then, why did you reply with, essentially, "they were open anyway?" That's what the poster who was running it said.

  • Apparently, the construction project manager took a well-deserved beating to failing to share any information about the street closures with the government relations department, the communications department and the Red Line management. Doesn't bode well for the rest of the project.

  • Maybe they've learned their lesson and they won't do it again.

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