26 CTA bus routes will be affected by NATO summit

Riding the CTA during the NATO summit next weekend certainly will be easier than riding the Metra, but it still will be no picnic.

The good news is there are no tough restrictions such as there are on the Metra, and there will be no Loop "L" renewal work.

The bad news is there will be reroutes and schedule changes for at least 26 bus routes that touch the area near the Loop and south Loop where many of the NATO activities take place. Check the CTA's special Web page for details.

Your best bet is to use the CTA rail lines if at all possible. Check the CTA's system status and alerts page for the most up-to-date info.

I wrote earlier about the goofy Metra restrictions, such as no backpacks, drinks and food. Now, I understand that on the lines that go near McCormick Place, where NATO delegates will meet. But if you're going from Evanston to Kenosha, it really doesn't make a lot of sense.


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  • I guess you and Scooter missed my message of Friday, which included "terrorist organizations like to blow up big trains." Even if it might be somewhat more difficult to do so at 23rd Street, I'm sure that the Secret Service has taken that into consideration, such as a diversionary tactic to get the police and fire department into the Ravenswood neighborhood.

  • I realized today that if the protesters are smart, they'll just have a bunch of them get on Metra trains at every station other than the Electric & South Shore with food & drink & refuse to get rid of it or get off.

    It would paralyze Metra & all the police departments that Metra runs through.
    They would be tied up arresting protesters whose "crimes" would all be dismissed because smart protesters would also demand jury trials which would tie up the criminal courts & cost all six counties a fortune
    in jury fees which they won't be able to collect from the "criminals", because the overwhelming majority will be too poor to pay for that & be declared paupers in the eyes of the court.

    What fun?

  • In reply to ScooterLibbby:

    According to a firefighter poster on the bus forums, apparently they have already received their training for far worse.

    Also, some suburban police departments have sent out messages that they received a briefing on what to do if the mess in the city spreads into the suburbs. So, I guess they are also prepared for this little "prank."

  • In reply to jack:

    They can train for this all they want, but the fact is, if the protesters do it right, those police depts. will just not have the resources to handle it.
    They still have to do their regular policing. Can you imagine what will happen in the North Shore burbs if all their cops are tied up arresting people with coffee & donuts on trains, while crooks are staging burglaries & robberies in them?
    As for suburban cops getting briefed on what to do, 90% of suburban cops have seen nothing worse than burglaries, traffic wrecks & speeders. They're two steps above the Keystone Kops, with much better cars & radios!
    Plus, since most suburban stations are at grade, the crossings will be closed for at least 30 minutes at a time.
    A lot of local mayors will be forced out as will the police chiefs & the city managers.
    Metra needs to get its act together now & say they made a mistake, the restrictions are only for the lines that run under McCormick Place.

  • In reply to ScooterLibbby:

    To keep the sniping to a minimum:

    So, are you going to be out on the Milw N or UP NW line Monday morning with your cup of coffee?

  • I'm leaving town for this mess!
    But when I do ride Metra, my rides are usually too short to bother with food or drink.
    The exception is when I eat at the food court at Union or Northwestern Stations & have to leave there quickly to catch a train. Then I take my food with me & finish on the train.

  • I don't understand why you'd be allowed food or beverage on a Metra train at any time.

  • In reply to Cheryl:

    Because some Metra rides can be over an hour long.

    Or over three hours long, if some idiot goes around the crossing gates. I keep some "emergency" food and water in my workbag for those very days.

  • It's interesting the CTA doesn't mention the 2 bus in the planned re-routes. Perhaps it's an oversight on their part, since it's a rush-hour only bus. Most likely it'll follow a similar route to the 6.

  • In reply to Holly:

    I'll bet it is also rerouted via Woodlawn, 47th, and Drexel. That is, unless someone is sleeping in a hotel, rather than at home.

    For that matter, I wonder why both the Metra closings and CTA detours start at 47th (I had mistyped 31st before). And, if it is for the reason I said in the previous paragraph, the ME one should also include 53-Hyde Park.

    Oh well....

  • Based on the Tribune article that just went up, even more "fun" on the South Shore:

    1. All inbound trains after the morning rush hour canceled on Monday.

    2. Several evening outbound trains canceled.

    3. Everyone gets searched in Hegewisch. In addition to being searched, you are STOPPED in HEGEWISCH.

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