New Loyola CTA entrance plaza part of four-story apartment development

A new architect's rendering of the planned Loyola Red Line entrance plaza was released late last week by 49th Ward Alderman Joe Moore. Loyola University is partnering with the CTA to move the entrance from under the "L" viaduct to avoid the danger of a crosswalk across Sheridan Road that's adjacent to the viaduct.

Loyola also plans to build a four-story apartment complex overlooking the plaza at Loyola Avenue.

The new plaza is part of a $10 million project that will include new kiosks, new flooring and viaduct repairs. A previous plaza rendering had included a McDonald's, which has now been eliminated.

Loyola needs some zoning relief for both the CTA plaza and the apartment building. A public meeting is set for 7 pm Monday at Centennial Forum, Bremner Lounge, 1125 W. Loyola (at Sheridan). Zoning details here.


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  • And served by RTS buses that were scrapped in 2008, with L car numbers, I see.

    Are they going to have a Starbucks and Mickey D's in the apartment building, or are the riders eventually going to Devon going to have to cross busy Sheridan Road twice to get those amenities (since you say Mickey was eliminated)?

  • In reply to jack:

    It's interesting that in that illustration, Loyola Avenue is a different color than Sheridan Road. It almost makes it look part of the plaza, but it's not. Is the idea that there will be measure in place to limit traffic there?

  • In reply to chris:

    Chris, it might be because Loyola Avenue to the west of Sheridan will be a private road owned by Loyola. It doesn't go through now. There's a vacant lot there.

  • I just want a station entrance on Loyola Ave so you don't have to walk around to enter. Plus reopen the exit stair on the east side of Sheridan.

  • In reply to ScooterLibbby:

    Scooter, what does that mean? "walk around to enter?"

  • In reply to ScooterLibbby:

    Oh wait. I get it. You're talking about how there exit-only gates now on the Loyola Ave. side. YES! There will be an entrace now on that side.

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