Mayor Rahm: King of the "L"

Yes folks, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel still is riding the "L." In fact, he says he rides the Brown Line twice a week from his home in Ravenswood Manor. The first photo in this gallery is from a Michigan Avenue Magazine story.

I wonder if he has a CTA Chicago Card Plus tied to the transit benefit fare program. After all, when you're in his tax bracket, you're probably looking for all the tax breaks you can get.


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  • I dare him to ride the Green or Red Lines south of Roosevelt to either Cottage Grove or 95th!
    Especially without visible bodyguards.
    If he does that, maybe then we will get an end to the beggars, peddling, religious whackjobs & the alleged singers we're forced to endure!

  • In reply to ScooterLibbby:

    Well, he did claim to have campaigned at 110 stations (out of the 120 or so in the city of the 144), including 10 times at 95th (where he actually was on the news). Since you said yesterday that the only problem is if you buy junk (which is also a problem on the north side) he shouldn't have any problem, in that he'll buy the junk to spur the economy on the south side. The peddlers used to be on the northside, too, but somehow the CTA banished them to Northbrook Court. Of course, since then Northbrook Court banished its food courts.

    As Bill Beavers pointed out, Chicago politicians do not have to worry about their tax brackets. Probably not even one who worked in the White House twice.

    But, as I mentioned on Feder's post, he isn't exempt from service interruptions when someone decides to become dead on the tracks at the Blagojevichville station. Maybe that one can be sponsored by the "racetrack interest."

  • Hell, I dare him to ride the Red line ANYWHERE.

  • In reply to boofoochoochoo:

    To get to his reported home, he at least has to ride on the Brown Line on the portion south of Clark Jct. Maybe he can check for chris if the stations are still fixed.

    But, for all you know, maybe he is commuting to his ancestral home, via the Purple Line (which requires taking the Red other than in rush hour) and 421 or 422 bus. Maybe kicking out Ron Halpin was just a ruse.

    In any event, all his press conferences about the Red being the backbone of the system indicates that he is aware of its condition. For instance, there was no problem on the south Red Line until his campaign posted it.

    Note also my comment about him being at 95th.

  • In reply to jack:

    No one of Rahms largesse takes the Purple/Red to Evanston. Hes a Sheridan Road Commuter in a black town car if I ever saw one. He takes the Brown line so he can look good in the photos that you cant resist posting, so he appears to be a man of the people. He rides the Brown as a photo-op and CTA is sure to spruce up the route in advance. If he were to have ridden to Evanston on the Red/Purple or on the bus, there would have been a noticeable improvement in the stations and cars he used to make that commute. Graffiti would be cleaned, Bum Corners would be emptied of bums and their bodily fluids, and the assorted flotsam that the rest of us see on a daily basis would be banished, for that day at least. As for being at 95th, he may have been at that station, but how did he get there? Ill lay odds it wasn't on the Red Line. I see every two-bit judge campaigning at my Red Line station whenever election day is close, but they never ride the rails.

  • In reply to boofoochoochoo:

    1. It is Wilmette, not Evanston (as indicated by the 421/422 reference).

    2, As far as the Black Town Car point, another Chicago Now blogger had posted up that it was nobody's business that his daughters were going to the U of C Lab School. I said personally, no, but it was an act of political hypocrisy. I then noted that, unlike Obama, Rahm doesn't live in the neighborhood, so is a city limo taking the girls to school? Unless Scooter sees them getting off at one of the Garfield stations and transferring to a 55 or 59 bus, I think you have discovered the answer to that one.

  • In reply to jack:

    1) My deepest, most heartfelt regrets to any Wilmetteites and/or Evanstonians whose delicate sensibilities I may have offended. Unlike you, I do not have most of the bus routes memorized and thus your reference eluded me.

    2) Acts of Political Hypocrisy appear to be this administrations calling card. Although it might make a bit more sense for his kids to go to The Latin School, Francis W. Parker or Anshe Ehmet, if for no other reason than that their Lincoln Park addresses are closer to the Emmanuel residence in Ravenswood than trucking all the way to Hyde Park. Perish the thought of sending them to a CPS school.

  • In reply to jack:

    I've never seen them on the 55 bus, which I ride a lot.
    I've also never seen them on Metra from Ravenswood, which is just .75 mile from their house or the 192 express to U of C, which I also ride frequently.
    I do see a number of Lab School students & teachers take the 192 to & from school. The poor babies have to walk all the way from the school to Drexel in the afternoon as for some bizarre reason that's its only stop on 59th St. for the NB runs.

  • In reply to jack:

    Wow, Jack, for someone who demands sources and facts from others, you really seem to have jumped to an unsupported conconclusion. So, a city limo and the CTA are the only two ways his kids could get to school? I have no personal knowledge of the transportation options at the lab school, but offhand, I can think of at least three other possible options: mom drives them, another parent drives/carpools them, the school has a bus transportation option. I'm not saying that is how they get to school, but I am saying that a rational personal wouldn't jump to one unsupported conclusion, just because Scooter Libbby didn't see them on a #55 bus.

  • In reply to crackerjack:

    Basically though, how likely is it that mom is driving them when she is drumming up tourism business, or there are neighbors or carpools going on a regular basis from 1700 West 4200 North to 1300 East, 5900 North, on a daily basis. And, I'm sure the girls are a two high security targets.

    Someone won the lottery in southern Illinois, but I didn't spend $1 on a 172 million:1 chance either.

    Since you don't know, why attack someone else with improbable hypotheticals?

    BTW, I only said "I think you have discovered the answer to that one" not that I had the answer.

    Try again, district299 reader. Oh, I just jumped to another conclusion.

  • In reply to jack:

    Meant 5900 South. 5900 North wouldn't have been that incredible.

  • Kevin: Cheryl is going to get on your case that the 4200 block of N. Hermitage is in Ravenswood, not Ravenswood Manor. Not that it makes any difference to me, Claypool, Cullerton, etc.

  • Let's give our mayor credit for standing and not blocking the door!! I hope he admonished any riders who did block the doors by saying, "What the f@#k do you think you're doing? You f28king idiots!!"

  • In reply to Martha:

    Would da Mare use that language? At least out in public, where Blago or Gregg Williams could tell him that he is being recorded? Of course, the backrooms of Congress are a different matter.

  • The Mayor doesn't live in Ravenswood Manor. I guess you could call his neighborhood Ravenswood, or West Lake View. But not Ravenswood Manor.

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